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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

style award goes to...aminat!

hola chicas, its the one and only, jenna pearle, your fashion liason!
okay...so tyra awarded the title "america's next top model" to...teyonna. im here to award aminat with the award for greatest style. girl, you worked it. the afro weave, the cute hats and scarves, the beautiful, bright color coordinations that comlimented your mocha skin...even your make-up was on point. congratulations! not only are you gorgeous, but you know how to put yourself together, aminat. and btw, i think tyra and the judges got it wrong. i dedicate the dream's "u rockin that **** ." (fo, u were pretty impressive, too)

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jenna pearl said...


tyra (on her talk show) gave best style award to celia. celia did have a great style but she tried too hard for me.