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Sunday, January 30, 2011

braids-don't call it a comeback!

bad chick from beautifulboulevard.tumblr.com  (love her)

rihanna, of course

it girl, va$htie

present day brandy w/ her signature braids

queen of the pack, patra
don't call it a comeback; braids have been here for years, (centuries is more like it).  but these days, you can find this hawt retro look on all the fashionable first ladies of cool.  braids have taken form in a number of stylish ways.  there's the fishtail that is oh so popular on the streets and catwalks.  french and cornbraids can be found crowning the heads of the sophisticated and/or sassy.  even the circa nineties poetic justice box braids have worked there way back into our hearts.  box braids use to be a favorite option of mine.  in fact, it was even a bonding exercise between me,my mom and sisters.  we would spend countless hours hooking each other up while catching up.  even after its heyday, i still rocked this look at my college graduation at the turn of the century (cuz thats just how i do).  so go ahead and channel your inner patra or brandy and get to braiding.  you know you wanna be down......
(ps-the numerous african braiding salons must be ecstatic!)
p.s  check out the posh brown boutique for clothing and accessories that work perfectly with those ballsy braids.{the posh brown boutique}

besos jenna pearle*

antm yearbook

america's next top model alum, nic and jaslene
besos jenna pearle*

men i'm in the mood for

you're so very welcome!!

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colour me badd

pic courtesy of the fab naturalbelle.blogspot.com
friendly fashion fwd reminder:  don't forget to utilize bright and vibrant colors in this season's wardrobe planning.  not only will it keep you at the center of attention, it can assist with curing those bah humbug winterblues...besos jenna pearle*

Saturday, January 29, 2011

sex appeal in black & white

(kelis, kim k. and drew b.)
besos jenna pearle*

whats wrong with the world...david kato

today's lesson: tolerance
david kato, a ugandan gay activist, was beaten to death in his home the other day.  it is extremely difficult to wrap my head around the concept that there are people who are so cruel and coldhearted in this world. when something doesn't have anything to do with your life, how can you have enough hate in your heart to kill about it?  if you have an issue with the gay lifestyle, there is a very simple solution: don't get involved in a homosexual relationship.  in the words of rihanna, just live YOUR life.  below is a video about this very topic from the beautiful and intelligent, marsha ambrosius.  enjoy (and learn)!  

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feast your eyes on this bronzed beauty.  black girls certainly do rock!!!!!!!

besos jenna pearle*
(pic courtesy of juicysistas.tumblr.com)

Monday, January 24, 2011

juicy gossip

hey guys!  the wait is over; gossip girl is finally back with new episodes and new outfits.  not sure how i was able to survive in its agonizing absence.  ok...i'm being a bit dramatic but its all in the spirit of the dramatic show.  make sure you tune in and be ready for a blitz of pics from leighton, blake, and ed later.  you know you love me xoxo....jenna pearle*

life imitating art-simpson style

just thought this was hilarious!  you can get inspiration from anywhere, lovelies!

besos, jenna pearle*

every woman- chaka's long lost daughter

i was just wondering if anybody else recognized the similarities between the legend chaka khan and the darling newbie nicki minaj.  in her heyday, chaka was the outrageous songstress with the elaborate costumes and captivating curves (not to mention the wigs).full circle, huh? check out an old post on chaka here sweet thang, chaka...

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

dragon lady rupaul

pic courtesy of bohemea.tumblr.com
the fabulous rupaul in his heyday!
besos jenna pearle*

Beyoncé's Why Don't You Love Me-video voyeur

so, i promised you guys a new regular feature before my unexpected hiatus.  that was the video voyeur posts every week that celebrates the aesthetics and overall awsomeness of a great music video.  this week, i'm shining the spotlight on beyonce knowles *as if she needs it*.  this diva has a slew of phenomenal videos under her cinched in belt but today we're discussing "why don't you love me?"  really, there is nothing here not to love.  so, here are a few reasons why i Do love beyonce and this video:

  •  the retro ambience is absolutely impressive
  • beyonce (and those lovely curves) look amazing in that make up, hair and costumes
  • not usually a fan of her (ahem) acting skills BUT here she demonstrates her desperation and frustration quite well
  • the cocky cheekiness thatS become typical of bey(dusting her numerous grammys on the mantle)
  • a catchy song that you can't help but like
conclusion:  ms. bey is a bad mama jama!

besos, jenna pearle*

Monday, January 17, 2011

welcome to the jungle...enjoy

just another beautiful image to gaze at...

besos jenna pearle*

dr, king's dream, dead or alive

dr. king, i wonder what you would think of us today.  there are so many fantastic and wonderful changes that one growing up in segregation could never ever imagine.  man, you would be so proud.  but at the same time, there are such horrible things happening, some so blatant, some so hidden, happening all the time.  would that surprise you?  would it disgust you like it does me?  what would be your plan to address it all? 
this day is designated to celebrate the legacy and the dream of dr. martin luther king jr.  i plan to do just that and so should you.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

old school cool kelis

besos jenna pearle*

how to pull off simple chic

courtesy of blackfashion.tumblr.com (check them out)
this here is the epitome of simple chic.  the trick to looking this cool is not trying to hard.  keep it simple, stupid!  a simple tee or tank, cute shorts or jeans and no fuss make up and hair ensure a relaxed but ravishing visage.  and think of all the time you'll be saving.  below are a few ideas of how to pull this off.

besos jenna pearle*

Thursday, January 13, 2011

putting the chic in boho

isn't newlywed nicole richie looking quite fabulous?  she is certainly putting a whole lot of chic into boho chic.  love the look, nikki!  besos jenna pearle*

Monday, January 10, 2011


pic courtesy of blackblonde.tumblr.com
what i love about this pic?

  • cute glasses
  • school girl outfit
  • side bun
  • tiny nose ring
  • ominous clouds
completely adorable!!!

besos, jenna pearle*

Sunday, January 9, 2011

i'm pretty

check out my hero, muhammad ali.  there is so much to love and learn from this icon.  today's lesson, however, is in line with the mantra of passionista place.  that is to have pride and confidence in yourself.  you must be your own publicist, your personal spokesperson.  let them know you're oh so pretty!  let them know how brilliant you are.  tell them why you're number one.  eventually, you will convince them of how great you are.  but more importantly, you'll convince yourself without a shadow of a doubt.  what they think won't even matter!  mr. ali was such a pro at this.  learn from the master.  

 besos jenna pearle*

guilty as charged...trash tv

so sorry i've been missing in action lately.  jersey shore and other reality shows were a small reason why (main reason being i needed a little break).  i have fallen into the abyss of the guilty pleasure known as trash television.  this is my confession (head down).  but the thing is, I LOVE IT!  the ups and downs of these crazy characters has been quite entertaining.  before, i resisted, cancelling my cable subscription for the more uplifting and hands on aspects of life.  finally, i've given in and have no regrets.  are you really living if snookie is not in your life?!!  

  memorable "real" life characters

  • natalie nunn of bad girls club season 4 (ironic name, right?)
  • snookie aka nicole of jersey shore
  • evelyn lozada of basketball wives
  • tami of real world II and basketball wives

by the way, be sure to tune in to the new season of bad girls club on monday (oxygen) and the new season of jersey shore (mtv, of course) on thursdays.  good stuff, i promise.  well, good bad stuff. 

besos, jenna pearle*

Monday, January 3, 2011

ten ways to think yourself beautiful

marilyn monroe (pic courtesy of suicideblonde.tumblr.com)

i came across a phenomenal article on msn about how to feel and therefore be a stunner.  the method: the power of thoughts.  i included the article here (10 ways to think yourself beautiful) but since it was difficult to navigate, i thought i would just paraphrase for your convenience.  let me know what you think!

 10 ways to think yourself beautiful
  1. don't call out your flaws
  2. know you're prettier than what you think (beyond the mirror).
  3. beam a gracious smile
  4. turn your personal heat on
  5. look at your best photos for a pick me up
  6. change up your look
  7. do a media detox
  8. watch real women; discover something beautiful about each one.
  9. hang out with a buddy, you know...the one that appreciates your inner and outer beauty
  10. adopt a different persona (an alter ego)
besos jenna pearle*

dressed to impress in 2010

the second half of the new year brought on some stylish passionistas.  2010 certainly kept things interesting.  but if i had to narrow it down to who was the most consistently fashionable stunner all year, i would have to say blake lively and olivia palermo deserve that pink pearle. both lovely ladies kept it fun, fresh and classy. 
for blake, she took risks that paid off with her style.  like her fabulously styled character, serena, blake didn't take herself too seriously.  results: gorgeous!
to be honest, i don't know much about olivia palermo.  i have never seen an episode of her show, the city.  all i know is that everytime i come across this beauty on the internet, in the magazines or red carpets, she appears flawless.  unlike lively, palermo tends to stick to the classics done in a modern way.  i rarely ever see her falter, fashionwise. 
both of these young women are an inspiration.

besos jenna pearle*