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Monday, April 29, 2013

posh brown's muse of the moment: blake lively

so...news!  posh brown has a new muse of the moment and it's the always fly blake lively aka serena van der woodsen.  you might remember that it is actually blair waldorf who was a gigantic inspiration behind the  posh brown establishment.  but i do feel that serena and the actual person, blake, bring forth the spirit of what posh brown is all about: uptown meets downtown, rebel meets refined.  from what i know, blake doesn't even use a stylist which is rare in the A list and even B list world.  no wonder there is such continuity to her effortless style.  and it's no wonder she's our muse of the moment.

visit the posh brown boutique xo

besos jenna pearle*

Saturday, April 27, 2013

the neon newbie

via style pantry

i'm usually a primary color kind of gal.  if i'm feeling rebellious, maybe i'll throw in a complementary color here and there (a green or purple), and then there's my staple black and white.  but one trend that has really intrigued me lately is the neon rage.  normally when i think of neon, i think of the aspects of the eighties era that i wasn't fond of.  yet, i've been noticing many fashion forward brethren rocking this style in a way that can only be described as cool and classy.  it inspired me to not only try the trend myself, but to incorporate a few pieces into the posh brown boutique.  above are various ways to include neon yellows and greens to your wardrobe that won't make you look crazy or like you're trying too hard. 
so, how do you feel about the neon craze? 

besos jenna pearle

the posh brown boutique returns...

hey guys!

just wanted to inform you that the posh brown boutique is back...and better than ever.  i have some great new pieces up that i'm sure you're going to love.  PLUS...i have more bold pieces coming very soon.  i thought i'd give you a posh preview of what to expect here.  a post about what's up next coming soon.  
so please come visit the store. 
 here's the link: the posh brown boutique

besos jenna pearle*