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Sunday, October 30, 2011

what's been up (and down)...

i'm back!!!!!!!  again.  i know, i know.  that was quite a loooong hiatus.  first, i needed time off to enjoy my summer.  but as i prepared to get back to "work,"  new ideas and projects came to mind and they for whatever reason appeared urgent.  (don't be jealous...{in my best ross gellar voice}...we were on a BREAK!)  i even considered giving up my blessed blog since it felt like my heart was no longer in it.
but then it hit me...eureeka!!!  why can't i do both (a la the taco commercial)??  so to sum up, i will merge my current projects with my old beloved friend.
that called for a new moniker, of course.  so...the blog formerly known as 'passionista place' has transitioned to 'the posh brown experience.'  the name is based on the brand name i use for my image & style consulting business.  i hope you guys will stick around and support my new ventures.  and i thank you so much for your patience. 

p.s - in posts to come, i'll update you on the specifics of the current projects.  yay!  so excited!!!

besos jenna*