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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

links a la mode

here is the links a la mode weekly roundup.  some really great articles this time around.  i've already mentioned lovebrownsugar in the last post.  tell me what else you like.

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

7 Comments 28 October 2010

Costume Drama: A Break From All Things Outfit

Edited by: Holier than Now
It’s the Halloween season, when some of us choose to experience the thrill (or horror) of looking nothing like ourselves for a night. For those of you who blog or socially post your outfits, perhaps it’s a chance to take a break from the judgmental eye of the spotlight (consider Love Brown Sugar and One More‘s pieces on the subject) – one night where you turn in “looking good” for looking scary, time period-accurate, or just … a little sexier than usual. Inspired? Find last minute costume inspiration from Tickle Me Chic and more.
And for those of us who don’t celebrate the witching hour, there’s still a chance to step away from the closet and remind ourselves that great lingerie, shoes, bags, and jewels can make even a white tee and jeans look scary good.

Links à la Mode: October 28th

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Why Don't You Love Me...A Curvy Girl's Ode to Outfit Posts

i just found the cutest, stylish girl on ifb's links a la mode (i'll post that later).  her post that was featured was so fantastic and heartfelt, i had to share it.  plus, it deals with the topic of inclusive beauty that we're so obsessed with here at passionista place.  so please click Why Don 't You Love Me, read all about it and share your thoughts on the issue.  always love hearing what you guys have to say.

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here is a bit of inspiration for the fellas who may be in need of a classy winter coat.  the right coat on a man can really set the tone for his whole persona.  are you trying to present yourself as someone who's dashing or cool or maybe laidback? the right coat can do the trick.  as for the ladies, i spoke about what you should consider when purchasing your winter coat here.  tis the season, or it will be pretty soon. 

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a pretty penny at for colored girls

ms. jackson gave the gift of her presence at the premiere of "for colored girls" of which she stars.  this picture reminds me of her penny days on "good times."  what are your thoughts on this look?
posh or pass?

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black n white edition...anais

 model anais mali looking gorge in this black n white shot.  i will be using this look for inspiration sometime next week.  it reminds me of george michael's freedom video from the 90's.  black beauty at its best. 

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


so sweet and beautiful...gotta love em'!

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pic courtesy of pullmydreads.tumblr.com

Hot Tracks...Make Her Say

i mentioned last week that i would be incorporating a new feature where we celebrate videos that are aesthetically and musically beautiful.  so, here we are again.  this time, the new selection is kid cudi's "make her say" video featuring kanye west and common.  the video for this song is all kinds of visually stimulating.  here are just a few reasons it was chosen for this honor this week.

  • the gorgeous pastel color scheme
  • the dual screen style the video was filmed in
  • the various men's fashion styles cudi's laidback casual-kanye's casual cool-common's sexy cool
  • good music, great lyrics
  • pretty ladies in many hues
  • the phenomenal nikia phoenix (more about her in an upcoming post)
  • kanye's continued college theme running through
  • all that handsome, talented man swagger
  • kanye
  • man i'm in the mood for, common
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down with the kings of queens-run dmc

run dmc, the godfathers of rap.  it goes without saying we owe these pioneers so much for helping to bring hip hop music/culture into the mainstream.  they are also credited with showing that rap could be infused with any genre successfully(specifically rock).  i know you remember their hit with aerosmith, "walk this way."  for me and many others, run dmc are considered fashion icons.  all black everything (usually in leather), adidas with huge laces, gigantic gazelle glasses, heavy rope gold chains, bucket kangols and loads of badass attitude...what more could an impressionable lil' hip-hop loving girl in the 80s ask for?  unfortunately, during the earlier part of the decade, we lost the legendary dj, jam master jay.  despite that, these rap rebels remain tough as leather and in our nostalgic hearts forever. here are some essentials you'll need in your wardrobe in order to be down with the kings of queens.  keep an eye out for great accessories and clothing that meets the kings' criteria at http://theposhbrownboutique.bigcartel.com/

besos jenna pearle*

by the way, this artwork (up top) is by the artist, alberto russo.  check out his work when you get a chance, passionistas...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

girls in the news

getting her life together, drug free hopefully...routing for you, lilo...

whipping her hair up the charts!  go, willow!!!

just got married to russell brand, congrats, katy!!!

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found this at blackfashion and i LOVE it!!!
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yay me! links a la mode

congratulations to me, y'all!!!  our lil' blog, passionista place, has been chosen to be a part of the links a la mode: the ifb weekly roundup.  the ifb is a helpful community for fashion bloggers to converge, share and learn.  if you have a blog about anything related to style, check them out immediately.  anyway, as for me, the article that was chosen was the one about home shopping networks (qvc & hsn).  below are the comrades who were also selected.  please do check out their posts.  some pretty useful stuff. 
  • Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup
2 Comments 21 October 2010

The Blogging Diaries- Introspects, insights, and inspirations

Edited by: Marie Denee of The Curvy Fashionista
As bloggers, we often find ourselves looking to other blogs for inspiration. Sometimes we look to our closets, magazines, or in the mirror. This week’s roundup fashions some of the most introspective and insightful posts from bloggers who reach across the blogosphere as they look for ways to build upon, contribute to, and pull inspiration for and from the fashion world.

Links à la Mode: October 21st

  • 365 Fashion Rehab: Lessons from a (Reformed) Shopaholic: A beautiful handbag repaired (for free!). One more reason to buy quality over quantity.
  • Boheme Noir: The first ladies of Vogue – a closer look at the most important editors in chief.
  • Daisy Dayz: Friend Friday: How to learn from your mistakes and let your blog grow
  • Devilishly Pleasurable: Reflecting on the evolution of my blog and tips for better blogging!
  • Fish Monkey: The notion of flattering dressing is oppressive and unnecessary. Rather than conforming, why not chose a different shape?
  • Hazel Eye Personality: Who has what it takes to be the next big and game changing designer? It takes a lot of time, passion and sanity to make it in the fashion world.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers: Work Smarter, Not Harder–3 Ways to Massively (and Permanently) Increase Your Traffic.
  • Miss Viki: “Love Me” and what is wrong with our beauty ideals, if anything?
  • No Guilt Fashion: I put on my game face and tried out my biggest fashion trend fear
  • Passionista Place: qvc, hsn…oh my! find out why home shopping networks have become a bit of an addiction for a modern passionista like me.
  • Seamstress Stories: Reflections on the role that mirrors play for our body image and self-perception.
  • Showcase Edge: Indie Fashion Goes Back to the future. A look at designers who hand-make clothing inspired by times of the past
  • Sidewalk Chalk: I’m a poser, baby: 7 steps for posing naturally in outfit photos
  • Stylish White Female: Transitioning from vegetarian to vegan: Some things are hard to give up. Fur is not.
  • Taxonomy of my Wardrobe: Shopping the Wardrobe. My version of this month’s Harper’s Bazaar Buy Now wear Forever list selected from my own wardrobe.
  • The Coveted: Three Way With a Long Chiffon Skirt
  • The Curvy Fashionista: Nordstrom reaches out to plus size fashion bloggers to collaborate on its newest plus size endeavor- Sejour
  • The Demoiselles: She is not a fashion blogger. She’s just a woman, sitting in her bathtub.
  • The Simply Luxurious Life: In a world that seems to be changing quicker than the seasons, what does it mean to be a lady?
  • The Wondergirl: retail-me-not: waxing poetic on two interesting happenings of late in the world of specialty retailing.
  • Vogue Mornings:How not to lose motivation when blogging, a few quick solutions to the problem many bloggers face.
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i'm lovin it..winter/fall remix

toasty leg warmers

the always flattering boyfriend jean

hot to trot blazers

winter ready dramatic floppy hats

colorful tights

girlie kicks

ladylike tweed

flattering silhouette dresses (especially in peplum)
 bthese are a few of my favorite things...besos jenna pearle*

Friday, October 22, 2010

new york, new york

pretty depressed about the yankees loss to the texas rangers.  unfortunately, we will not be heading to the world series this year.  this post is dedicated to my team, although their performance was pretty poor today.  new york, concrete jungle where dreams are made of (just not today).   

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olsen quotation

                                                             my sentiments exactly!!!!
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

little cuties

i couldn't help myself from sharing these adorable but striking little tots with you.  i'm sure you appreciate it.  aren't they cute??

pics courtesy of foodmusiclife.tumblr.com
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zoe quotes

besos jenna pearle*

that 70's show

the other day we explored the perfection of cher's style in the 60's and 70's. i gave you a gorgeous black and whit photo of the legend to feast your eyes on. in the meantime, i've found an image that i'm sure you'll love. this is a candid of cher, sonny and twiggy looking so mod. the colors, line and patterns are to die for.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Michael Jackson, Keep It In The Closet...video voyeur

i came across a post about the top top 15 stylish music videos on coco and creme. and in true carrie bradshaw style, it got me to thinking...what beautiful music videos took my breath away over the years?  so, i've decided to share some selections i found visually stimulating once a week.  at the beginning of my blog, i shared with you 16 reasons why i love cool by gwen stefani.  this time, i chose one of my favorite michael jackson songs/videos "keep it in the closet" starring the one and only stunner, naomi campbell.  michael beefed up for this one, showing off his muscular tone in that wifebeater and black jeans.  he pulled back his signature curls into a ponytail and proceeded to give us sexy mike.  the sepia coloring give both them and the scenery a sensual aura.  there is really nothing to dislike about this art, as far as i'm concerned.  as usual, these talents do a superb job.
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nicki and the secret garden

loving this pic of ms. minaj.  gorg-eous!!!!!!!!!!!

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holla back, young'n

kids with great style just blow my mind.  take a look at this young'n, styling and profiling...too cute!

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don't u forget about me

Hi guys! Remember that I'm still waiting for your fab outfit photos for our new segment showcasing chic street style. I've gotten quite a few (thanks to you earlybirds)that were pretty impressive. BUT I WANT MORE!!! Remember to mail your pics to passionistaplace@live.com. Include your hometown, description of your personal style, email address and,if you like, your occupation or aspirations. Then you're on the way to winning the pink pearl of the week. besos jenna pearle*

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chang Chang Dancing to "Whip ...

the cutest thing on ellen.  eileen aka chang chang whipping her hair and bringing the sassiness.  get it, chang chang!!!
besos jenna pearle*

home shopping networks

lately, i've been completely addicted to shopping networks.  my mom is a dedicated fan, always flipping to her favorite stations to see whats being featured.  finally, i started clicking over myself and found myself headed over to the websites to order my great finds immediately before they sold out.  i think you'll be surprised at what kind of stylish, trendy pieces these channels offer.  as a matter of fact, many of your favorite celebrities and celebrity stylist have lines with qvc or hsn.  mary j. blige, joan rivers, jessica simpson, kardashians, twiggy, serena williams and susan lucci are just a few who choose to peddle their wares on these home shopping channels.  some of the frumpier looking choices may actually be some of your favorite pieces once you get them home and style them to your liking.  above you will see a cable knit sweater vest with faux fur collar.  it may not look like much there but by the time i cinch in that waist or add some great accessories, it will be gold.  plus, you can't beat shopping that presents itself at your door in a matter of a few short days.  and anything that doesn't fit or isn't to your liking, you can send back hasslefree.  below are a few qvc products that are on my wishlist.  many of them are from rachel zoe's fab line. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
besos jenna pearle*

and if you like online shopping, check out the posh brown boutique {theposhbrownboutique.bigcartel.com/}
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