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Friday, December 30, 2011

posh brown boutique goodies

hi!  just wanted to show you a few more pieces currently up in the store.  the prices are pretty low.  especially for the quality and condition of the items.  there are other unique finds that you may be interested in so come see for yourself.  you can use credit credit cards safely on the site.  paypal is an option as well.  look forward to seeing you over there.  the site again is:  http://theposhbrownboutique.bigcartel.com/.  gracias!!!  xoxo

besos jenna pearle*

posh pic: bank robbers

today's photo inspiration: all black everything.  what i might wear if robbing banks was on the agenda.  it's great for other events, too. 
besos jenna pearle*

cheers, 2012

hi guys!  well, today is the last friday of the entire year.  2011 has been....quite interesting.  honestly, i guess i can say it was a fairly good year for me.  i learned some very valuable lessons that have been crucial to my breaking through.  of course, not everything was rosy.  however, the situations that could be classified as bad news gave me great insight.  for that, i'm appreciative. 
my biggest accomplishment this year (well, the one i'm most proud of) was opening the posh brown e-boutique.  http://theposhbrownboutique.bigcartel.com/  getting the whole thing together was a feat in itself.  however, i feel like it symbolized something bigger.  it let me know that i could achieve something i set my mind to despite the negative energy around me.  i could knock down a goal although fear mongers were blatantly and also indirectly telling me otherwise.  and it wasn't even that big of a deal.  that opens the door so many more future endeavors and i'm excited about that!

so, those future endeavors, eh?  well, in this 2012 ahead of us, i would like to put my styling and image consulting skills and talents to use.  i will elaborate on that when there is more to elaborate on (chill out...i've got 365 days to work it out).  i intend to get back to my writing (besides blog writing).  and, i would love for my little shop of fashion to grow. 

i hope you, too, are reflecting on this past year's lessons and planning success for your new year!

besos jenna pearle*

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

new obsession: all on the line

so, i never got into the whole project runway takeover,  at first, i didn't have the channel.  and then when i did, it didn't hold my interest much.  this is even after i got (and then turned down) an internship with one of the finalists.  i must admit, i felt kind of out of the loop but didn't want to be socially bullied into watching a show i did not care for.  but then something better and much more my speed came along.

a lil' show they call.....all on the line.  yes, all on the line with joe zee (from the illustrious elle magazine, of course).  now this show is the business.  the premise is some designer who had some form of success has fallen into a downward spinal and desperately needs help.  enter joe zee to the rescue to figure out where this talented wayward soul  went wrong.  the issues tend to delve a lot deeper than the clothing.  some are not able to vocalize their vision; others are not able to delegate because either they're too controlling or too wishy washy.  many are extremely stubborn and fight mr. zee the entire way.  what i find most shocking is that after landing a dream opportunity (which is usually a meeting with a major store and a feature on elle.com), many of the lucky designers end up unprepared and playing catch up until the last few seconds.  a--mazing!! i'd like to think that if my life and business depended on this one day, i would be there early, prepared and with bells on. 
sometimes, things go their way and the buyers decide to work with them.  many times, however, they end up disappointed. 
anyway, this show is the freakin' business.  i highly recommend you watch it...plus, even the commercials are informative and entertaining.  i promise.  #sundance channel

other fashion shows you may fall for:

*fashion hunters (about a nyc consignment shop)
*mad fashion (the lovable characters who make those over the top outfits)  both on bravo

besos jenna pearle*

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

big bun and the plaid fad

here is the posh style inspo photo of the day.  this one is right up my alley.  plaid, ruby lips, a big topbun and a warm coat & scarf.  the recipe for succes, if you ask me.
what's not to love?

besos jenna pearle*

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

singin in the rain

i call foul (for angelea preston)

well, i just finished watching the season finale of all star version of america's next top model.  it was going great with the three remaining contestants competing and angelea, the plucky underdog you can't help rooting for,was doing extremely well.  commercial break....and then, tyra's announcing that angelea was eliminated without further explanation.  it becomes obvious that this whole judging scene has been recreated to choose a new winner.  whomp, whomp!  technically, lisa the loony one won.  however, angelea is the true winner (especially in my eyes).  she deserved to win and spreading the good news too early doesn't seem like a good enough reason to be dqed (the rumor is she posted info up on her facebook before taping).  tyra, i call foul!!
besos jenna pearle*

a gem

here's a little gem that you can find (and then BUY!)  at http://theposhbrownboutique.bigcartel.com/.  it can fit practically any size finger.  this is definitely an attribute to any jewelry collection.  and there's only one in stock.  so hurry and stop buy the store for more details, babes.  and thanks again for your support. 

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keep it casual

keep it casual

keep it casual by jennapearle featuring bright colored skinny jeans


a suggestion for an outing that requires casual dressing but still looking effortlessly fierce. 

Monday, December 5, 2011


so, here is posh brown style inspiration photo of the day.  (that's a mouthful)  i've always been a fan of the preppy look.  this is especially so when its combined with another major universal style like urban, boho or rock.  preppy pieces act as the agent that keeps an outfit from getting too outlandish, dressy or sexy. classic prep tends to lend an air of relaxed sophistication.  i would highly recommend adding a few sporty essentials to your reportoire.  i promise...these pieces will make the task of getting dressed a whole lot easier...stylish. 
here are a few pieces you might find interesting at the posh brown boutique (your favorite online thrift store)

i highly recommend this book to go w. the clothes

 besos jenna pearle*