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Monday, August 30, 2010

the professional

leon would be SO proud...xoxo jenna pearle*

diggin the digable planets

i suppose i've always been a bit of an urban hipster, following the beat of my own drummer and all. despite trends, i wore whatever i wanted. i listened to whatever i wanted. that brings me to my point. you probably think of digable planets as one hit wonders. thats if you remember them at all. i think of digable planets as the cool cats that helped to shape my adolescence. digable planets were hipsters. they were poets. they were revolutionaries. they were mellow but with a meaningful message. they were me! butterfly, the unofficial leader of the trio, was effortlessly handsome with chiseled cheekbones and buttery brown skin. ladybug aka mecca provided the quiet yet forceful female voice. although she was gorgeous, it was refreshing that this was downplayed instead of being the sole marketing device. then there was doodlebug who had the demeanor of the cool guy friend you had in college.
dp was not just about being "cool like dat." they rapped about womens' right to choose, racism, self-acceptance and making the most of your circumstances. jazz was instrumental (ha ha, i slay me) in the digable sound. and so was the sixties and seventies for these retro cats. dp's first album "reachin" was the perfect antidote for my revolutionary, angst ridden teenage years (hey, it was the nineties). they were more than just a rap group. butterfly, ladybug and doodlebug were old friends with the same ideals.
how can you incorporate digable style into your life? it's easy:
  • embrace plaid
  • keep it baggy (at least your pants)
  • camouflage and gortex are a must
  • run dmc said it best...my adidas-stansmiths and shelltops
  • natural hair (whatever your texture) is the bee's knees
  • skullies never hurt nobody
  • wear a witty revolutionary tee (maybe one that celebrates a legend)

and keep it groovy!

xoxo jenna pearle*

madonna motif

madonna has often been called a style chameleon but i vehemently disagree. chameleons change, blending into their environment. while there is no denying madonna louise ciccone knows how to make a change, her bold choices rarely ever reflect whats happening around her. on the contrary, we (the environment) follow her blindly.

i don't have enough time or space to really disect the many motifs madonna has given us. that said, i can't help but discuss some of my favorites with you. of course, we recall how it all began*. the punky, pop temptress with the dance background. we met madonna decked in lacey fingerless gloves, rubber and spiked jewelry, two (maybe three) toned hair and a mischievous attitude.

and do you remember the Papa Don't Preach', 'Cherish' cutesie look? Or, should i refer to it as the True Blue stage? there wasn't much to dislike with this short, blonde sweet maddy. soon, we were introduced to the italian-american stunner in ' like a prayer' ... this was my first opportunity to see m.c stripped of all the armor. it was just madge as a brunette in a simple dress and make-up.

things took a turn for the odd during the erotica time period and i must admit, i lost interest. forgive me, i was twelve. i did enjoy the Deeper seventies vibe but the sex book just wasn't for me. (check debi mazar in the deeper video)

i made my way back to madge during the "secrets" era. ms. ciccone had gained perspective, weight and feminity (well, a softer femininity). think back to the video with the spanish bullfighter. the vail, the tailored suit, the architecture, the colors (esp. the crimson lips)...gorgeous!!!! it was madonna who needed to "take a bow."

madonna would make her way down the earthy, mystical kaballah phase, making a few stops on the urban cowboy, female pimpstress and English lady train.

it would be nearly impossible to contest the influence madonna has had on the pop culture world. tweens can thank their lucky stars (silly pun intended) ms. madonna and her look-alike heir to the throne, lourdes have created a line of clothing based on their own eclectic style. its very 80's madonna but so cute. now you don't have to take the time to cook up your own personal, creative style. you can just pick up their instant version at your nearby macy's. voila!

xoxo jenna pearle*

Sunday, August 29, 2010

get back to work

soon it will be september. i shall be posting a much needed back to school post. but this one is for the grown and sexy. back to work and then happy hour. i came across this dress from chico's and immediately fell in lust. i had to share it with you all. plus, i added a few accessories to jazz it up for ya.
xoxo jenna pearle*
ps. on this particular model, i think that the back view of this dress looks MUCH better than the front. that's why i placed the pics in that order. btw, accessories/shoes from banana republic, aldo, chico's.

machete dress

pictured above is jessica alba at the 'machete' premiere. this dress is so very pretty and versatile. with black tights, you can achieve the cool mod girl look; pair it with jeans and you have a conservative yet sexy look. then, of course, you can just keep it simple like mrs. alba does here.
i would love this dress in a muted silver instead of the gold with a little less shoulder detail. what are your thoughts?
xoxo jenna pearle*

happy birthday to ya!

i know i've posted this before but so what! it's freakin' michael jackson's birthday!!!!! get your priorities in check. lol!

xoxo jenna pearle* "love you, mike!"

Friday, August 27, 2010

what's hotter than july? june

this phenomenal diva above is the one and only stylist to the stars, june ambrose. her credentials include numerous successful music videos, clients like mariah, jay-z, mary j and an amazing company she founded called mod squad. june has been doing this for a LONG time, before the term "stylist" was a term we knew. she is living her dream and i hope to have something similar sometime soon.
xoxo jenna pearle*

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

more than a woman

on august 25th, it was the beginning of the end. at least, it was for me. it was the day that the singer, aaliyah dana haughton, passed away in a plane crash. while that was significant by itself, just a few short weeks later the twin towers would also come crashing down and life (and death) would be forever changed. i won't use this blog as therapy and get too deep with this but i will say that august on was a severe turning point im my life. as for aaliyah, it seems that her good nature and warm heart is indisputable. obviously, her beauty wasn't worthy of words. she served her purpose here and left earth pretty quickly. catchy songs, exceptional dance moves and great personality, aaliyah most definitely rocked our boats.

xoxo jenna pearle*

Importance of Beauty

click here for an interesting article about the importance of beauty. it certainly make you think. about what, you ask? well, instead of putting so much emphasis on embracing beauty of all kinds, perhaps we should stop making it so critical to be considered beautiful. what about being smart, talented, loving, having a great personality? all of those seem okay in this world, but NOTHING tops beauty. i don't know the answers, just raising the questions. my solution, since i am a beauty lover, is being able to find beauty in various ways. what do you think?
xoxo jenna pearle*

allure of lauryn

lauryn hill was my hero when i was in high school. i'm sure i'm not alone in this. for me, she represented a beauty that wasn't recognized much up to that point. mahogany brown skin, african features, natural hair...this was NOT the beauty norm! yet, l-boog's beauty was undeniable. to top it all off, she was intelligent, talented and outspoken. aren't all these attributes the exact makings of a hero? i don't know what her future plans will include but i think she certainly deserves to be celebrated for what she gave me, what she gave us.
one of those gifts she graced us with was style. ecclectic, afrocentric, urban and all around chic, ms. hill rarely disappointed us in her heyday. it was quite influential to my wardrobe during my college life. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day soon she'll be back on the scene serving up provoking poetry with a side of sassy style.
xoxo jenna pearle*

links a la mode

new feature here at passionista place: links a la mode! enjoy

links a la mode

Edited by: Marie Denee of "The Curvy Fashionista by Marie Denee" The Curvy Fashionista.

Last week, Links à la Mode fashioned a roundup of the latest fashion perspectives and trends for the anticipation of another highly anticipated Fall. With the "September" editions landing on our doorsteps and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week right around the corner, we brace our pocketbooks for the damage it is about to endure. Whether the latest developments in plus size fashion, a Brazilian blowout, or style inspirations, this week's links act as a guide of both inspiration and aspirations to Fall fashion. Before we delve into snatching up the latest "it" items from our secret wish (lust) list, below are a few must reads from the intuitive fashion bloggers who share their insights of what to expect from fashion, head to toe.

Links à la Mode: August 19th

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

F21 42

i finally made my way over to the new forever 21 time square store the other day. it was one of those grey and gloomy sundays where everything that can go wrong does go wrong. between subway delays that made me late and rude people working at the studio giving me attitude, i was unable to make my cardio dance class. so whats a girl to do? SHOP! i ventured over to the gigantic neon forever 21 sign like an angel following the bright light. and i was not disappointed with what i found. in fact, i was very impressed. the layout of the store was easy on the eye and spread out. no messy racks to scour through, no constantly bumping into people as you shop. there must have been at least three or four floors and all were organized beautifully. i felt like i was in retail heaven. the jewelry was magnificent, meeting any personal style requirements. the accessories were closet must haves, especially the purses/clutches. they had a fantastic make-up section with a variety of lovely eyelash kits. even the men's selection was worthwhile. it was way better than any other f21 or h&m that i've visited. the hubby will be happy, i'm sure.

needless to say, this forever 21 location brightened my dreary day. in the end, i fought off the temping wares and bought nothing. but i couldn't keep my mind off this perfect army fatigue bag i spied that was the perfect size for my life. so a week later, i went back and purchased it. i deserved it!!!!

here are a few of the beautiful things i came across at f21 (check out my bag) up top.


jenna pearle*

enjoy a black and white pic of the one and only, dita von teese. soon, i think i'll do a more in-depth feature on her. she certainly deserves it.

xoxo jenna pearle*

giving em glam

chanel iman
this shot is so ethereal and glamorous, i can't even take it.

xoxo jenna pearle*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

saying something

the collage is one of the most interesting mediums of art. that is why i was so pleased to have found the artist, daniel amazu wasser and a couple of pieces of his work. honestly, i don't know much about him. his work just happened to pop up on my page and i was intrigued. just asked to be his fb friend so if he accepts, hopefully i'll be able to tell you more. what do you think?
xoxo jenna pearle*


wise words...
xoxo jenna pearle*

Monday, August 16, 2010

bestie wishes

every girl needs a bff riding shotgun on the journey called life. someone has to be there to give you perspective, to make you giggle, hold your hand (or your hair, depending) or just to lend an ear. i have been pretty lucky; i've had some really great individuals come into my life. however, i got to thinking who would be my bestie if i were in the celebrity world. here is what it boiled down to: what are your picks?

oprah- what i wouldn't give to be in gayle's shoes! and believe me, its not about the money (well, just a little bit). imagine all the a-ha moments you could have if oprah was your bestie. all the knowledge, all the self reflection. i would SO be living my best life

girls nite out-intimate dinners at o's where we discuss life, book club meetings at o's house, shopping!!!

nicole richie-check her credentials. we were introduced to ms. richie as the ultimate bestie she has a wicked sense of humor and is always up for an adventure.

girls nite activity-road trip people watching (aka making fun of people) at the mall or even a slumber party w/truth or dare...

angela simmons-the little sister in my head. this girl has a great personality to match her creative style. she's a girl's girl. outspoken but sweet, angela is irresistable.
girls nite out- shopping at brooklyn flea, watching sex n the city or any other girlie movies.

jilly from philly (jill scott)-everyone needs a friend like this in their corner. wise and worldly, jill looks like the perfect person to give advice on all topics. its imperative you have someone you can have grown-up conversations with and jill fits the bill. and she looks funny as all get out.
girls nite out-open mic/poetry slam, out for tea n talk, shoe shopping

drew barrymore-make no mistake, ms. b is down for her girls. she's the type of friend that will never put her current beau in front of her longtime chicas. giggly, sweet and a bit spacy, drew has the perfect combination for fun. she's the type to help you party hard, all the while completely sober.
girls nite out-ladies night at any dive bar, taboo nite@ the house or clubbing

amber rose-the friend that causes controversy. there are some nights when you want all eyes on you (and your crew). at least, i do. dressing up in outrageous clothes, dancing wild on the dance floor, meeting as many people as you can...the makings of a beautiful night. amber rose has the star quality, the pizazz to ensure a phenomenal night.
girls nite out: fashion shows, premieres, vip club appearances

runners up: lil kim, natalie portman, zooey deschanel, gwen stefani, kelis

xoxo jenna pearle*