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Monday, May 9, 2011

my guys

good luck to my guys tonight.  the last game proved that they are such a phenomenal team.  what a show!  in case you missed it, dwayne wade seriously injured my fave celtic rondo.  rajon rondo, reaffirming what a class act he is, came back to the court despite the scary injury that would have most done for the rest of the playoffs.  anyway, enough gushing!  i hope they do well but either way they have a fan in me. 

rondo pics from grandtheftrondo.tumblr.com

besos jenna pearle*


Anonymous said...

good luck to them...i am decidedly anti-heat and also the celtics are earning it this year! RONDO!!! gawsh, what dedication.

this pic is awesome by the way :)

i'll be watchin'!

jenna pearle said...

hi jamillah! i am extremely anti-heat after the last game. i know i'm probably overdoing it w. the b-ball talk on the blog but i'm glad someone appreciates it. i edited w new pics. let me know what u think...