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Friday, April 30, 2010

bathing suit banter

attention chicas!!! bathing suit season is here. yes, time to hit the beaches and pools...in style. many of us did not shed lbs. and transform ourselves into shape magazine cover girls quite yet. thank goodness its not necessary. you can still look damn good at the shore, provided you've chosen the right suit. i was inspired by the retro look of modest but sexy yesteryear. this look is complimentary to my style as well as my shape. these are the two most important factors to keep in mind when selecting your swimsuit. are you top heavy, tummy trouble, straight up and down, wide hips?? everybody's got their somethin'. address it and dress accordingly. good luck, ladies!

here's a pic of my choice via macy's...xoxo jenna pearle

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

no apologies

saw this somewhere (don't remember where) and LOVED IT! no apologies, my dear...

xoxo, jenna pearle*

get well soon, pls

i just wanted to send my prayers and positive energy to brett michaels of poison, who i'm sure you've heard is in ICU. brett and the other 80's bands believe it or not, were a big part of my childhood experience. i feel like i've learned a lot about him on celebrity apprentice. in my opinion, he's a great guy. get well soon, brett

best wishes, jenna p*

penny for my thoughts...

my mother (and a few others) can attest to this. i didn't get penelope. i did not find her beautiful but rather strange looking (my exact description: teradactyl). her thick spanish accent didn't mesmorize me. it just distracted me from understanding her talent (if she had any). maybe it was because of how we were introduced. remember vanilla sky...i was not impressed (in her defense, i didn't like the movie as a whole). then it came out that tom cruise was leaving his wife (who is another one who i don't get) and moving on with his co-star penelope cruz. how convenient...how cliche. cruz and cruise. ever since then, she's been praised and plastered everywhere. i was so baffled, i actually went around with her beauty ad, asking "do you find her beautiful?" i just needed to see if i was missing something because of some deficiency on my part. none of their anwswers convinced me. if they said no, they may have been trying to give me an answer i wanted to hear. if they said yes, they may have been brainwashed by the media and loreal. family guy did confirm my opinion about the teradactyl thing, btw.
but all of a sudden, she began to grow on me. i watched her in blow and began to second guess myself. then there was vicky cristina barcelona. GENIUS! i LOVED it. and penelope proved herself in my eyes. soon, her little pinched face became better looking to me. overnight, i began to appreciate her beauty. isn't that what i'm suppose to be about?! celebrating all kinds of beauty. so, penny, i apologized for my judgement and miseducation of who you are. and also, i heard its your birthday today so have a good one!
xoxo jenna pearle*
ps p cruz has a gorgeous and talented lil sis named monica who's beauty you acknowledge immediately.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

flash forward

john cho via gq...me like!

xoxo jenna p*

fine art

i love this piece by dawn okoro. don't know much about the artist at the moment but that will change soon. isn't this stunning?
xoxo jenna pearle*

talent show...it don't matter if its black n white

michael jackson
jean michel-basquiat

alvin ailey

the three geniuses
xoxo jenna pearle*

sexiest woman in america

christina hendricks, the vivacious vixen of mad men, earned the title of "sexiest woman in america." (esquire magazine) guess those dangerous curves proved to be too irresistable...congrats xtina! more importantly, congrats america for making the right choice.
xoxo jenna p*

Saturday, April 24, 2010

floral fusion

floral prints have never really been my style. i do believe in widening my horizons, however. so when i spotted the look above, i knew this would be a wonderful way to try this look. a short floral mini with a belted solid cardigan keeps me in my comfort zone while still dipping my toes in something new (for me). this just reinforced what i already knew: nothing in fashion can ever be ruled out.
xoxo jenna pearle*
pic courtesy of lookbook.nu

not so mellow yellow

" the bee's knees"

xoxo jenna pearle*

Friday, April 23, 2010

bad girls club

xoxo jenna pearle*

happy belated earth day!

i know i'm a wee bit late for earth day but honestly i forgot to post this yesterday. my suggestion: lets extend the holiday for the whole weekend (like i do for my bday). better yet, let earth day be every day. i will try to practice what i'm preaching here today. that will be all...
mz. pearle (caretaker of the world)

american woman

here is america's past top model and current media mogul, ms. tyra banks. although she's not perfect (and who is?), i am proud of what she's accomplished. i'm not just talking about the money, prestige and broken records. i am more impressed with how she had a message of empowerment for young women (esp. of color) and followed through on delivering it to the masses. kudos, ms. banks...you are still in the running to becoming one of the fantastic positive role models in the business. thank you for the opportunity, xoxo jenna pearle

homemade: easy breezy tee

this is just the image i was searching for: kristen stewart as joan jett in "runaways." this is the t-shirt i was telling you about. all she appeared to do was cut out the letters on a piece of cardboard, place it on the tee and spray paint inside and around. as you can see, she also added her safety pins for good measure. i can do this! or is this one of those things that look easy breezy but are not so simple? anyway, just thought i would share...
de nada, jenna pearle

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

cherry bombs

"hello daddy, hello mom...i'm your ch ch ch ch cherry bomb!"

"hello world...i'm your WILD GIRL!"

i finally got a chance to see the movie "runaways." it was quite a difficult task getting to see this movie. for one, this nationwide opening didn't really happen. i live in nyc and discovered it was playing at only two small theatres. speaking of one, i noticed that like me almost everyone who was watching the film came alone. hmmm. so, i admit i missed the first five minutes or so of it. fortunately, i was determined to see it so i entered the already rolling biopic.
anyway, i enjoyed this film even though it was jagged and short on details. i was surprised that the movie focused on cherie currie's perspective more than any of the other girls. actually, the other band members beside cherie and joan were excluded for the most part. they were present but not explored in the least. however, i think i remember hearing that the movie was based on cherie currie's biography. that said, dakota fanning did a fabulous job; no surprise there. what was different is that she was tackling more adult information although she was playing a character around her age. i found her convincing, nonetheless.
as for kristen stewart's portrayal of joan jett...bravo. i'm not sure if stewart is a phenomenal actress or if she just naturally embodies the spirit of jett. her swagger and bad ass but sensitive demeanor kept me glued to the screen. although i'm straight, it was easy to identify and become attracted to the rock n roll queen. as far as i'm concerned, kristen had that magnetic appeal that the director was trying to coach out of dakota. either way, both girls did a magnificent job.
so anyway, on to more important topics...clothes and costumes. oh yeah, and hair. this movie did not disappoint. platform boot rocking cherie was the sexy one with lingerie and leather. joan was true blue rock n' roll with tight tees spraypainted with the names of rock legends (great idea for diy), spectacular leather jackets and tight jeans. one of the girls wore a fantastic seventies flip while lita ford sported the marcia brady long locks. to sum up, the girls looked good. btw, i did not know that lita ford was even a member of the runaways. learn something new everyday.
i am glad that i took the time out to see this film. it left me wanting more, especially of joan jett. would love to hear more about her life in the future.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

silver fox

pic courtesy of fyeahstreetstyle.tumblr.com

although i'm not rushing it, i look forward to the future when i can be a stylish, sophisticated grandma. at this p0int, you know yourself even better and can easily communicate this through your daily wardrobe. no more pleasing others! the old ladies who keep chasing their youth and trying to keep up with the teenage trends often end up looking pretty pathetic. like a car wreck, i have to look away quickly. i don't mind quirky, understated or sexy. keyword: sophisticated.
never too old to be fashionable...xoxo jenna pearle*

when doves (get) fly

just because this blog needed some bad ass prince...you know, to make things official.
xoxo jenna pearle*

Friday, April 16, 2010

Barbie's World

unless you've been under a rock, you know nicki minaj. ok, that's not necessarily true. but, the girl is everywhere. she is the new go-to hot female emcee, if not the only go-to emcee these days. usually, ms. thing is completely done up in caked on make-up, crazysexysometimescool clothes and more wigs than wendy williams. for awhile, the jury was out on her lyrical, musical talent. but, i've decided that i like her. more importantly, i like her on my iPod. hence, she gets a spot on the block here at passionista place. i chose this pic since it was one of the most natural ones i could find. not bad at all, nicki...

jenna pearle*
(pic courtesy of honeymag.com)

the new adventures of old navy

i was feeling pretty stressed today (well, all week) and so today i found a bit of relief shopping. don't know if its healthy but dammit, it works. fortunately, it was mostly deals. the store that facilitated this retail therapy was old navy. usually, i peruse the store quickly, never finding anything i'm interested in. this trip was different. i actually had to reign myself in. the clothes were cute on the rack and in the dressing room. the prices were slashed and were even cheaper once i got to the cashier. i'm talking 4.99 (even for a cute dress!). needless to say, i enjoyed my time at the ON and encourage you to go do the same if you're in need of some cute summer ensembles.
xoxo jenna p.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

jen + kate...double black n white edition

two for the price of one deal on the 'don't matter if its black & white' feature. you've got a gorgeous la lopez and a stunning finger waved kate moss.
xoxo jenna p.
{just realized the juxtaposition of the body types. you know, because jlo is known for being curvy while kate put heroin chic on the map...hmmm}


if you don't know beth ditto...ask somebody fast!
xoxo jp*

taking it down a notch...cassie style

cassie looks great in her everyday attire...official pink pearl for you.

jenna pearle*

Monday, April 12, 2010

revolutionary road

back in my high school heyday, i was quite the revolutionary. although i've calmed down considerably, its still in my blood. this pic reminded me of that struggle. this is the breathtaking black panther kathleen cleaver. in this image, we not only get a glimpse of her beauty, but also her cool confidence and assertive attitude.
"black cat, nine lives short days long nights
living on the edge, not afraid to die"
black cat by janet jackson
xoxo jenna pearle

dior...need i say more?

dior...need i say more???
xoxo jenna pearle