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Friday, October 30, 2009

yankee gal

hello kitties!

newsflash!! the yankees are in the world series and even won their first game. and so that got me to thinking about the quintessential accessory, the yankees cap. it has become a symbol that represents much more than a team. it signifies cool. it represents style. it symbolizes power. it embodies that of a winner.

little anecdote: i have this nerdy, prudish relative. one particular night, we had plans to go to an outside club. i tried my best to help her loosen up and find her inner bad girl. she donned the tank top and jeans but then it happened. she placed her pink yankee fitted atop her fuzzy bun and like Frosty with his magic top hat, she was transformed. instant cool!!! a few free cocktails and she was good to go. and so goes the magic of the yankees hat. so today, i tip my hat to the yankees and the accessory cooler than cool whip.

xoxo jenna pearle, ny ny

Thursday, October 29, 2009

some real women have curves (& some don't)

hello kitties! it has been reported that karl lagerfeld has made some insulting comments about the curvy girls of the world. the comment was along the lines people don't want to see round women. he claims that the backlash against skinny women is by these unwanted round women who sit on their couches, eating potato chips. i won't say much about this quote and give the formerly round karl l. anymore attention than he deserves. just a few thoughts. something tells me that karl is not a fan of women, round or otherwise. and as i stated before, it wasn't so long ago that i recall seeing a lot of more of mr. lagerfeld (waist wise). do i decect a bit of a complex?

anyhoo, here are some pics to prove karl wrong. enjoy the dangerous curves ahead.

real women part deux

Sunday, October 25, 2009

nerdy nuance...michael cera edition!

michael cera edition...

nerds have certainly evolved over the years. no longer are they the unattractive, pimply face pocket protector geeks hiding behind broken glasses and books. just like all men fashionistos, nerds,too, have gotten a facelift. no longer do we have to look past their undesirable attire to get to the sweet, understanding, romantic men they truly are. they are now bonafide cuties and michael cera is one that has been on my radar lately. how adorable is he?! (see nick and norah's playlist, juno ect)
here is your guide to getting geeky with it.
* clothes that fit- nerds don't do baggy but don't get all urkel and show off your white socks, either.
* thats what Tee said...you will def need ironic, sarcastic colorful t-shirts that show off your best asset, wit.
* go polo...get yourself some striped, collared polo shirts, a nerd essential.
* cute cords... real mean wear pants, in corduroy material (slim fit).
* old school sneaks...nerds don't do jordans, they are all about simplicity and vintage.
so there you have it!
guys, go geek. ladies, show some appreciation for the boys who appreciate and love us the most: the nerd!
live long and prosper-xoxo jenna pearle

Saturday, October 24, 2009

ms. badu to you

Erykah Badu Done Wright...

if you are not a fan of the lovely ms. badu, then i don't know whats wrong with you. my advice: get on board! she is absolutely the business from every avenue. im talking talent, style and overall sass! erykah is a g.a.w. thats a grown ass woman. badu serves her kooky, earth mother bad ass style every time she steps out of her abode. check her out and see if you can keep up...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Top Coat

its beginning to look a lot like...well, winter! therefore, a gorgeous coat or three is going to be absolutely necessary. the winter coat is one of the most important items you will ever purchase. honestly, your well thought out outfits might as well be invisible when your breath becomes visible. all anyone sees is your top layer, also known as your top coat. in other words, your topcoat is practically the only article showcasing that unique personality of yours. please make sure your's is making the right impression.
here are a few guidelines to follow when selecting your permanent outfit for the winter.

*choose a flattering fit for your frame. you don't want to walk around looking frumpy all winter. def. confidence killer...

*think wisely about the color. you don't want to bore yourself for the entire season. however, please consider this coat must match most of your outfits and shoes.

*sweat the small stuff like the buttons, pocket placement
and lapels.
places to hunt for the perfect coat- victoria's secret catalog, burlington coat factory, tj maxx, banana republic, newport news ect.

happy hunting...xoxo jenna pearle

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the frida frenzy!


i adore frida kahlo. i appreciate her art, her style, her spirit, her story. frida worked hard and loved harder. i can definitely relate. so today, i pay tribute and urge all of you to get in on my frida frenzy. without further ado, viva la mexico! and viva la mexicana!!
Directions on being as fierce as frida:

* be that senorita with a flower (or two) in her hair.
*true divas (smart divas, anyway) always have a scarf, shawl or pashmina. so did ms. k!
*be that vivrant thing you are and get colorful. reds, oranges, greens...oh my!
*give the pencils a rest. i'm talking skirts. go for something flowy. easy, breezy & beautiful.
ciao, lovelies!
besos, juanita perla

Monday, October 19, 2009

don't u know i love u, sweet zadie...

ahh sweet zadie!
besides my passion for fashion, i also live for (cue snobby face/ voice) lit-er-a TURE! and one of my favorite authors and heroes is the gorgeous zadie smith. her books are FAB -u-lous and not in that cliche, chic-lit way. she is truly the real deal. zadie wrote the successful contemporary fiction novel, White Teeth by the age of 24. way to make me feel like a loser, zadie, but i forgive you. why?  simply because you are the best. but one thing that i discovered later on was her impeccable, laidback style.

let me put you on... the zadie essentials are as follows:
*geek chic glasses- you must nurture your nerd

*headwraps- embrace your cultural ancestry, or at the very least, someone else's

*jean jacket- we've already discussed, so you already know
*black turtlenecks- a wardrobe staple anyway, no matter what your style


i suggest you get in the chic zone with zadie smith...xoxo jenna pearle

a change gon' come!

hey ya (in my best andre 3000 voice)!

so...news flash! the format (if there is one) for this blog may be changing a bit. i have been observing other blogs on all types of topics and enjoyed what i've been seeing. you can say i have been inspired...and shamed. it is not that i think they are doing a better job than i am (some are, some are not). more importantly, i feel that they are much more carefree about what they are doing. almost all of my blog entries have been labors of love. i second guess myself and put too much thought (and fear) into it. this, unfortunately, is the story of my life. great thing is...i can change! and i plan on it. i promise to be more carefree about passionista place. consequently, i promise to make more frequent entries. and thanks for your support!
smooches, jenna pearle

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Extra, Extra!!!


so do you need an accessory that will make almost all your outfits look better? do you need an easy to add extra that will make give you the appearance of being hip and cool? well, i found it. its the newsboy cap. yes, i said it, the newsboy cap. this hat will prove its worth in many a ways. the right one can give you that downtown, cool girl appeal. this is especially so with a minimalist outfit like jeans, tees and heels, tall boots or even Chucks. it can also provide the collegiate look. mix in a blazer or cardigan, maybe a hot leather satchel and you have the ingredients for hawt, scholastic honey. another plus, this is the best remedy for those good hair gone bad days...

if you are daring enough to attempt this look, please consider the following guidelines.

1. get a great fit. you don't want to be walking around thinking you're fierce but really resembling grandpa. choose one that isn't too big or bulky. also, avoid wide brims

2. choose a basic color. as i stated, this can aid all your outfits so don't pick a color that will clash with 80% of your wardrobe. feel free to buy more creative options after you have your basic cap.

ok, cool cats...enjoy! ciao jenna pearle

Celebrity Style

hello my lil pretties!

just wanted to share a useful tool for ensuring your best dressed status. its the book entitled ' Us Secrets of Celebrity Style.' i happened to have come across it in urban outfitters in '06, bought it and loved it. this book addresses everyone no matter what your overall style. like to experiment with your wardrobe choices? are you an all-American beauty or a glam goddess? no matter the answer, this book has info for you. and since we don't all look like models, it has pics of celebrities that reflect all of us dynamic beauties. thats right, suggestions and pics for the shorties, the curvacious mamas, the boob challenged and even the preggos. 'Celebrity Style' assists fashionistas with what to wear to small time gatherings like coffee with a cutie, shopping with the gals, clubbing and galas. when i bought this treasure it was 20 bucks but i'm sure you can find it for cheap at b&n.com. enjoy!

xoxo jenna pearle