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Monday, October 19, 2009

a change gon' come!

hey ya (in my best andre 3000 voice)!

so...news flash! the format (if there is one) for this blog may be changing a bit. i have been observing other blogs on all types of topics and enjoyed what i've been seeing. you can say i have been inspired...and shamed. it is not that i think they are doing a better job than i am (some are, some are not). more importantly, i feel that they are much more carefree about what they are doing. almost all of my blog entries have been labors of love. i second guess myself and put too much thought (and fear) into it. this, unfortunately, is the story of my life. great thing is...i can change! and i plan on it. i promise to be more carefree about passionista place. consequently, i promise to make more frequent entries. and thanks for your support!
smooches, jenna pearle

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