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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

posh brown's muse of the moment...kate moss

posh brown's newest muse is the amazing supermodel, kate moss.  no matter what her circumstances, ms. moss looks mah-velous, dah-ling!  kate can mix up her look from sophisticated lady to grungy girl to edgy rock princess without skipping a beat.  that is what a posh brown babe is all about.  so having kate moss be our current muse of the moment is a definite no brainer. 

besos jenna pearle*

Monday, November 28, 2011

this is how i did it...(autumn aura)

every once in a while, i'll come across a picture that i find inspiring or just my style.  a while ago, i came across a photo that incorporated both.  so, i attempted to recreate the look with my personal style stamp on it.  above is the results (i was quite pleased) and below is the image that inspired it (from blackfashion.tumblr.com).  your thoughts?

besos jenna pearle*

giving glamour...gossip girl style

i must admit...gossip girl is heating up.  the storylines in the recent past have been boring, predictable yet farfetched.  even the fashion took a bit of a dip.  but, after a rocky start, i'm staring to get back into the swing of things with blair, chuck and the gang.  and the clothes.........blair and serena have both been serving up style quite well.  even cousin charlie/ivy has given great ensembles.  did you see blair's dress for her wedding shower?!  lovely and fierce; classic blair bear.  looking forward to tonight's episode.  ciao...you know you love me xoxo

btw, you know blair is a major style icon in the posh brown boutique.  our style motto/aesthetic is blair waldof meets debbie harry so please come visit the site for pieces blair would eaily kill a minion for.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

sample sale {shoes!}

here are a few of the shoes on sale at the posh brown boutique.  i'm pretty proud of my lil' shop.  come visit for more information and then leave your feedback here.  hopefully, you'll see something you like and buy!  see you there, lovelies!

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fans of fanning

the fanning girls have done it yet again!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

fair isle flair

fair isle sweaters...there was a time when i use to despise them.  i marveled at how anyone could possibly think this was fashionable.  but then, well, it got cold.  and every once in a blue moon, i'd wear one of the sweaters in this fair isle print (but under my coat, of course).  for some unknown reason, i eventually grew an appreciation for the look.  it's certainly hasn't become a winter staple but now, one of those cozy pieces that let me know winter is here to stay. 
by the way, you know who did make the fair isle look a staple in her winter wardrobe?  angela chase ( you know, from my so called life).  she spent countless dreary pittsburgh days pulling her decorated sweater sleeves over her pale little hands, fretting about jordan catalano acknowledging her presence.  that fact alone make fair isle cooler than a suburban pittsburgh winter.  here are a few celebs who have also added the look to their repertoire...
besos jenna pearle*

it must be you're lucky day because i have one of these boldly printed sweaters for sale at the posh brown boutique

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

kristen, the cover girl

no words.......

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coupledom-hitting high notes

grunge glamour love

enamored boho chic

nesting nuance

the love of muse and music

well, it's far from valentine's day but i suppose i was in a lovey dovey kind of mood.  so...i thought i would bring some you some couples who hit the right notes (or did at one point).  i know it wasn't so long ago that i posted the pic of bey and jay, but i am so loving their expecting moment, i just couldn't help myself.  anyway, i hope this brightens you day and inspires your heart. 

besos jenna pearle*

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

twi-hard another day

like a true twi-hard fan, i pre-purchased my tickets for the movie.  can't wait to see edward and the crew again.  besides the cute love story, i love all the beautiful photo shoots i've come across since twilight (the movies) began.  here are a few more i've come across in the last couple of days (courtesy of vogue italia and tumblr).  i know kristen stewart doesn't have much range when it comes to facial expressions...but the one face she mastered is gawg-ous! pair that with her rebellious tomboy style and you've got gold.  i won't even get started on the guys (besides mentioning edward's smoldering, glittery pale look that could melt any human heart and jacob's topless teenage tirades {swoon}).  suffice to say, i'm eagerly awaiting the breaking dawn like a adolescent hormone crazed girl.
twilight archives for ya!

besos jenna pearle*

Thursday, November 10, 2011

a preview...the posh brown boutique

a dawn okoro piece that represents the posh brown muse perfectly

well, the time has finally come.  the grand opening of my online store is tomorrow!  it was a lot of hard work, way harder than i thought it would be.  in the end, however, it all paid off.  i wanted to give you guys a little preview of what is availabe at the store.  hopefully, you'll come pay me a visit-the posh brown boutique and let me know what you think...gracias!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

ricci and janet-it don't matter if its black & white

another edition of "it doesn't matter if its black & white" for you.  today's feature includes the unstoppable janet jackson and the unapologetic christina ricci.  she does well in black and white.  i'll be discussing her again soon, thanks to her new show pan am. 

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walking in a winter wonderland (in Style)

you know how in winter, you end up looking like a stuffed snowman with all that heavy layering?  and you know how the alternative seemed to be look chic and freeze your ass off?  well, inStyle magazine has brought you the solution on how to look cozy-chic without looking dumpy.  click the link to see the answer:
7 ways to look cozy-chic (& not dumpy).  and you're welcome!


besos jenna pearle*

grand opening....the posh brown boutique

so, i was telling you guys about the different projects i'd been working on during my absence here.  except, i never got into the actual specifics.  so, without further adieu, here is project number one.  let me introduce to you......... the posh brown boutique

yes, lovelies...i have begun my own online thrift/vintage store specializing in clothing & accessories.  the merchandise selection is based on the aesthetic of our fictitious muse, posh brown.  posh brown is a well spoken, outspoken individual who is not afraid to be seen or heard. posh brown is that girl you see and secretly envy because she is so effortlessly chic. her style can be best  described as a brooklyn-bred blair waldorf (a la gossip girl) meets debbie harry (a la blondie). 
i'm so excited about it.  the grand opening is this friday, 11-11-11 (a memorable date, i know).  on that date, there will be a discount code you can use for a 10-15%  off.  the boutique has a facebook page (the posh brown boutique fb) that you can "like" so you can keep up with the new pieces and other news.  also, there is a tumblr page dedicated to the style of posh brown(poshbrownboutique.tumblr.com).

i hope that you guys will love the store and find unique pieces to match your taste.  thanks for your support, past, present and future.  and don't forget on 11.11.11, visit me at the posh brown boutique.

besos jenna pearle*

Thursday, November 3, 2011

posh brown's muse of the moment...tracee ellis ross

tracee ellis ross style-
eclectic and clever, tastefully done.

p.s  ms. ross's style is so fierce, her flawless yet fearless make-up is usually never mentioned.  i noticed, tracee.

besos jenna*