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Thursday, November 17, 2011

fair isle flair

fair isle sweaters...there was a time when i use to despise them.  i marveled at how anyone could possibly think this was fashionable.  but then, well, it got cold.  and every once in a blue moon, i'd wear one of the sweaters in this fair isle print (but under my coat, of course).  for some unknown reason, i eventually grew an appreciation for the look.  it's certainly hasn't become a winter staple but now, one of those cozy pieces that let me know winter is here to stay. 
by the way, you know who did make the fair isle look a staple in her winter wardrobe?  angela chase ( you know, from my so called life).  she spent countless dreary pittsburgh days pulling her decorated sweater sleeves over her pale little hands, fretting about jordan catalano acknowledging her presence.  that fact alone make fair isle cooler than a suburban pittsburgh winter.  here are a few celebs who have also added the look to their repertoire...
besos jenna pearle*

it must be you're lucky day because i have one of these boldly printed sweaters for sale at the posh brown boutique

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