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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

a rockin, stylin new years eve

starting out on the right foot is imperative for achieving success. that is exactly why you must choose the perfect NYE (New Year's Eve) ensemble. Whether you're hitting the party scene or taking it easy with loved ones at home, how you look (and feel) will set the tone for the night and year to come. follow some or all of these tips to get the glam look:

*pick up the perfect dress. will this dress be the statement piece or the vehicle for your fab accessories. my advice is to go short and seductive. then, be sure to glam it up with statement jewelry that will keep you shining past midnight.

*i think by now i have made it abundantly clear that me and cold are not friends. choose a pair of tights that add appeal to your frock (if its plain) or plays second fiddle to the frock. at the very least, invest in some delicate nylons (how about the vintage inspired hose with the line in the back?).

*color is your friend, passionistas! tonight is your night to shine. add brilliant bursts of color to your outfit to keep you from blending in to the background. my favorite attention grabbers: yellow, turquoise and of course, hot pink!

*don't forget to choose a cute and complimenting coat. also, keep a cardigan or shawl close by. coordinate the color of these with your hawt dress and shoe combo.

*there is nothing wrong with marching to the beat of your own drummer in pants. liquid leggings or a pant suit are both great options.

i really hope that you all have a great night; hope you have a great and productive year!

cheers xo xo jenna pearle

Monday, December 28, 2009

lavender lust

breathtaking photo, no? really thinking about how i can incorporate lavender into my life. and the chocolate skin...well, thats always en vogue in my book.

xo jenna pearle

pic courtesy of black fashion @ tumblr

rihanna again-taking it down a notch

btw, here is a pic of rihanna (again!) toning it down quite successfully. as usual, she looks fantastic...and warm. (photo below)
just added this pic above because i think many of us can relate to the scarfed up swag rihanna is rocking. so taking it down a notch!

(ps. i think i have more pics of rihanna than anyone else on this blog. it surprises me because my feelings about her are on the fence. well, actually i flip flop between the two sides of the fence from week to week. however, there is no denying how stunning she is no matter what. and i suppose thats what we're all about here at passionista place.)

see ya, j pearle

taking it down a notch continues...

more great images of famous faces going about their daily business in cute but functional outfits. it is completely possible to be comfortable and stylish while running your errands or just hanging out with the significant other. speaking of which, love the pic of pink and carey. the best feeling in the world is when you are so in love, your clothing hardly matters at all.
"now you won't find me at no stores, i have no time for manicures... with you its never either or...cuz nothing even matters no more" lauryn hill/ d'angelo nothing even matters
xoxo jenna pearle

Sunday, December 27, 2009


i know, you're welcome! ms. kelis rogers

jenna pearle

GRACE JONES -Stran-ghay!

long before rihanna attempted to 'push the envelope.' way before chicks began shaving their heads (or portions of their heads) in pursuit of the elusive edge they crave, ions before we learned to love or loved to hate amber rose, decades before disney do gooders sexed up their appeal with raunchy lyrics, we had grace jones! she puzzled you; she intrigued me. a beauty, a rebel, a bad bitch...these words are just a few that can explain the essence of this phenomenon. ms. jones let it be known that it is better than ok to be different, it is ESSENTIAL!

air kisses, jenna pearle

A Plus for Bey

i heart everything about this dress. love the way the top of the dress magnificently displays the twins. i adore the ruffled detail that modestly covers all the bootiliciousness. plus, how genius is the short sequined mini skirt that match the bodice as the cherry on the top (well, the bottom in this case)?! A plus, Bey! Job well done...xo xo jenna pearle

what i want...heads up!

merry belated xmas and happy holidays, friends. i've been quite busy lately with all the family togetherness and whatnot. but, im back now. so without further ado...
baby, its cold outside and i like to keep it toasty. therefore, i am on the lookout for a great big, furry winter hat. this accessory will fill a void in my life and my quest to stay warm. what a hot statement piece!so, be bold and join me in this journey for the furry hat. why not?
xo xo jenna pearle
(pic courtesy of fyeahblackbeauties@tumblr)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ms. keri baby

ms. keri baby, i adore your sweet, effervescent style. its turnin me on, tur- turning me on!

jenna pearle

homemade-do it yourself bad girl jean

revamped an old idea and thought i would share my knowledge with the world. well, ok, i'll just share with you. sometimes, i get crazy with the scissors and make sexy slices all over my jeans. Then winter and reality hit and i get cold...so, my solution: fill in the blanks. for regular, practical days, i simply add tights (colored and/or patterned tights if i'm feeling dangerous). when its time to reveal my vampy, tough chick nite look, i wear my lace or fishnet stockings under my skinny jean. if you really like the look, commit to it and sew your choice of lace into the random holes in your jeans.

btw, when you must wear your fishnets although the temperature is colder than a chicago winter night, wear a pair of stockings underneath your hooker hosiery. if its really frigid, why not wear the tights with the fishies? great tips to use on new years eve, lovelies.

enjoy xoxo jenna p

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

taking it down a notch

i mentioned before that i would be posting pics of people (some celeb, some not) in their regular running about town outfits. we call this segment, tired of toning it up. here are three just to get you started...

jenna pearle

(pictures are courtesy of the fascinating people magazine)

it don't matter...emancipate yourself from mental slavery

this week's black and white photo is of the legendary, bob marley. he was such a handsome, beautiful man! this specific pic is perfect because of the suspended effect. those locks are the antennaes to his soul, in my opinion. (i believe the hubby resembles him; perhaps, i will post a pic of him too and let you decide).

one love and muchos besos, jenna pearle

Monday, December 21, 2009

rip brittany murphy, princess of the hill

i have problems sleeping without the television on. i am also very particular about what the show can be: criteria includes 30 min time frame, funny, light hearted. king of the hill is my favorite go-to. this show is hilarious and luanne (portrayed by the recently departed actress, brittany murphy) is a huge reason why. i will miss her. what an unnecessary and gigantic loss! thirty two is way too young.

i also enjoyed her in uptown girls with dakota fanning and of course, clueless. i hope that brittany has found peace now...jenna pearle

school daze-rihanna

remember picture day at school? i did enjoy how it broke up the monatany of the day; however, the results were usually disappointing. i blame it on the un-chic manner that we were posed and the lack of a good make-up artist. it seems to me that no matter how i try to destroy all unflattering pics from the good ol' school pic days, my father seems to always have an endless supply. here is a pic of ri-ri (again, i know) looking cute as a kitten in her school picture. adorable, right?
(ps. got this pic via apples and mustard on tumblr, a new find that has been entertaining me this past weekend, thanks a bunch, dari/ great blog)

xo xo jenna pearle

graceful kelly-link up

well, this is what i get for not acting on my ideas faster. long ago, i noticed kelly osbourne's hawt style, lovely curves, chic short hair and cool bad ass attitude. then later, she appeared on dancing with the stars and stole everyone's heart with her gracious but persistent attitude. personally, i think she was the real winner since she was one of the few finalists without former dance training. but anyway, i procastinated on the story. of course, i found a whole tribute to the fabulous kelly o. on the on point fashion blog, the fashionist found @ dafashionist.onsugar.com . she beat me to the punch and did a great job. so check her out.

here is the montage she created...thanks again to caress lapore from the fashionist.

smooches, jenna pearle

Saturday, December 19, 2009

hot gal

pic courtesy of fyeah blackbeauties at tumblr.com
xoxo jenna pearle

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

i'm lovin it...

life is good. i can't say that i can't complain but i decided i won't. instead, i choose to appreciate the wonderful parts even if they are small things. that said, here are some things that i have an appreciation for:

*john mayer- he really sets the mood for a nice evening at home. plus, i just like him.

*big hair-specifcally curly and/or kinky hair. rest your flat irons for the holiday season.

*strong, vocal and independent young ladies (aka bad ass chicks)

*chuck bass-im such a sucker for gg. but lately, the sexy, confident chuck b. is a huge reason why.

*good books-get up on your literature. its a great way to meet new people and visit new places.

and once again, these are a few (more) of my favorite things. take time to appreciate the lil things.
xoxo jenna pearle

it don't matter if its black & white-gilmore girl

black and white photo time. here is alexis bleidel (sp?) from one of my favorite old shows, gilmore girls. her face is remarkably fragile and mask like. and what a set of eyes on this gal! i miss this mother/daughter duo.
jenna pearle

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

fyi...improve your life

i know that you recall our conversation the other day about animal prints and how to wear them well. guess what, passionistas, i found a splendid little item that meets the criteria. check out this faux leopard jacket from forever 21. oh, this will def. embellish any ensemble you choose to shimmy into. imagine this jacket, a white tee, a lite skinny denim jean and some hot heels (or even sneaks). totally awesome dude {in my bill & ted's excellent adventure voice}!!! too cute. bottom line: invest in this jacket for a better life. you heard it here first.
xoxo jenna pearle
ps. throw on a bunch of pearls to accent your sensational style...

rihanna goes hard-gettin gq

so, ri-ri is featured in the upcoming issue of gq magazine. and as you can probably gather, she also has the honor of gracing the cover. i don't know. im not particularly impressed. some of the picture choices are pretty raunchy (and not in a good way). it is my opinion that rihanna and the people who are responsible try way too hard and treat her targeted demographic as if they are gullible idiots (although in many cases, they may be spot on). also (back to the cover), she can certainly be styled better. however, there are a few pics that i do like (esp the one in black above). beauty does prevail.
besos jenna pearle