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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

posh brown styling-indie queen

style profile

elle jacobs

elle is an up and coming actress who has had some success in quite a few indie films (one of which is being honored at the sundance film festival). Originally from the suburbs of Florida, this twenty-two year old now resides in los angeles. elle previously had no real interest in fashion or shopping. instead, she spends her free time listening to undergound retro bands and going to concerts. she is currently dating a drummer from an alternative band. elle is playing with the idea of having her own girl band some day. ms. jacobs is very particular about her image and fears looking like her worst nightmare, a pop tart.

elle is about 5'7, somewhat curvy frame although still fairly slender. she has reddish auburn hair and almost kelly green eyes.

elle is looking to create a unique signature look. she is attempting to build her brand and needs the right that will be memorable and flattering. her aim is to garner more publicity (create a buzz) so that she can obtain more roles and hopefully beauty campaigns. elle is also looking to create an accessory line of some sort in the future. upcoming events: paparazzi shots (regular outfit), press junkets for new movie, dress for Indie Spirit Awards.

posh brown styling will create a signature look based on elle's musical taste and movie roles. retro 60/70's indie queen. dye auburn hair jet black (mahogany brown if black is too much for her) and keep the romantic waves, part down the middle. wardrobe updates: short colorful sheath dresses (fuschias, emerald green, tomato reds ect), strapless dresses. cigarette pants and jeans (highwaisted), cute tops. vintage jewelry (one of a kind pieces), cutesy flats and kitten heels, t-strap mary jane pumps.
dressed for success
xoxo jenna pearle*


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jenna pearle said...

um...why am i just now seeing your comment?! so sorry about that, hon. anyway, i checked out your blog and i love it. definitely following; hope you'll do the same. xoxo jenna pearle*