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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

coco chanel, the movies

so, netflix finally got around to sending me the Coco Chanel movie i'd been dying to see. the only problem was it was the wrong version. i was looking forward to watching Coco Before Chanel with audrey tatou (sp?), the one everyone has been buzzing about lately. instead, i received Coco Chanel starring shirley mcclaine (not exactly the dame who conjures up elegance and exquisite taste). it turns out kooky mcclaine was exactly the right choice. no, not because she's such a fabulous and talented actress that she could take on the fashion icon with ease. this is true. however, it turns out what gabrielle "coco" chanel was doing and producing at the time was considered kooky and weird. it is quite easy to go against the grain when you have the comfort of wealth and privilege. coco, on the other hand, had neither of those things and still she stuck to her vision despite the snickering naysayers. that theme is what resonated with me the most.
other facts i found interesting was the fact that she began as a milner, constructing avant garde hats. also, i loved the fact that chanel didn't allow love to get in the way of her dream. so many talented ladies fall off their career path when they fall in love.
overall, i enjoyed this movie but now i'm even more starved for the version i was expecting...
xoxo jenna pearle*

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