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Friday, March 25, 2011

your lucky day (luckymag.com discount)

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this skirt is 50% off today, thanks to luckymag online.  it was forty bucks but you can get it for $20 if you're fast and smart.  click the link above for more information.  yr welcome!!

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a hill of a life

above is ms. whitney port and lauren conrad of "the hills" fame.  both of these girls have allowed their fifteen minutes of fame to blossom into positive fashion careers.  port and conrad have both published successful style/fashion books on how to look your best in all situations.  i actually purchased lauren's book and it was pretty decent (especially if you're a novice to the fashion basics).  they have countless other projects in the works that i know will be great.  these two ladies kept it classy on the show and off.  although i'm certainly older than these fashionistas, i can definitely learn something from their work ethic.  i'm sure you can, too.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

baby boy for rachel and rog

rachel zoe and her hubby, roger have their new son, skylar morrison!!!! really exciting news!  i know they must be thrilled.  i have been really missing the show and hope they return soon.  i also hope it will be entertaining since the departure of the blonde bitchy assistant (forgot her name; was it kate?) and brad goreski.  congrats, rachel and rog!  no pressure for the baby's fashion sense but i do wonder what little skylar will wear first...  besos jenna pearle*

gwen galore-video voyeur

someone who always comes through with killer visually stimulating videos is the talented gwen stefani (as well as the whole no doubt crew).  so, i thought i'd come back to the queen of style for video voyeur this week.  of course, i couldn't narrow it down to one so i chose a trifecta of stefani. all three are colorful and entertaining and have that gwen pananche she's now known for.

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i'm so excited

i got so excited (figuratively) when i came across this picture, i'm not even sure of where i got it anymore (was it styleenthusiast.tumblr.com?)...so much to enjoy here.  who doesn't love a man who cooks? 

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

saying goodbye (elizabeth taylor)

rest in peace to the superstar legend elizabeth taylor.  everything has been already said numerous times in the press coverage.  the only thing i can add is that this woman knew how to live life to the fullest and on her own terms. 

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rolling w/ keith richards-fashion inspiration

rolling stone keith richards has had a hell of a life.  you can read all about it in his new book, life.  in the meantime, i am shining the spotlight on this legend for his fabulous fashion sense.  he's definitely a source of inspiration for me on my rock godess days. 

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in the genes-love,cobain edition

rock royalty, frances bean

another "in the genes" edition.  this time its kurt cobain and courtney love's offspring, ms. frances bean.  don't you just love that name?  she seems to be an awesome girl...and such a cutie!  check out momma love here (courtney).  and here is a piece of art in kurt's liking...
besos jenna pearle*

in the genes- hill/marley edition

up top, of course, is the lovely lauryn hill.  but the other two pics are of her gorgeous daughter with rohan marley, selah.  she really turned into a beauty (but really, how could she not?).  this is her feature in teen vogue.  i hope she's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. 

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Monday, March 7, 2011

sitting beauty

pic courtesy of iloveblackgirls.tumblr.com
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to know a veil

you may recall me discussing the veil as one of my favorite things over a year ago.  i see that is becoming quite the trend lately so i decided to highlight this glamorous look once again.  this is a surefire way to achieve a mysterious cool girl vibe.  is it even possible to get it wrong with this bold accessory?!  doubt it! 
click here for more veil talk

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

freckle juice


freckles almost always make one automatically interesting and cute. love em'!
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

political fashion statement

pic courtesy of contemporary natural hair on fb

my sentiments exactly!

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it don't matter if its black & white

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galliano's defense team

perhaps you've heard about the scandal concerning dior's john galliano and his racist remarks.  at this point, he has been fired.  not surprisingly, galliano issued his apology and headed off to rehab in true celebrity fashion (no pun intended).  what is surprising (although i don't know why human behavior still shocks me) is the reaction of others particularly those in the industry.  there are SO many people defending him in various ways.  i truly just can't believe it.  according to patricia field, we have simply misunderstood him and it was all just a show.  i guess similar to charlie sheen he is just so genius and artistic, we just can't grasp his concepts.  others felt sorry for him and the loss of his job.  many blamed it on the alcohol ( i just smiled as i typed that, thanx, mr. foxx).  does alcohol not bring the truth to light?  i have never drank so much that hateful thoughts i never had about race/gender/sexuality all of a sudden came oozing out of my mouth.  maybe its just me.  a few of the fashion forward have decided that the victim here was galliano.  apparently, his rights were violated by the vile degenerates who chose to tape and post this rant.  shame on them.  i think i heard it was the person who was being verbally attacked (or the boyfriend of the attacked).  shame on them.  it was a busy french cafe.  if it were a hidden video camera in his home, maybe i would be able to conjure up sympathy.  unfortunately, i cannot. would it be better if it came from the cafe's security camera?   i am happy that this was revealed.  i like to know these types of things so i can decide if i want to support this person.  in addition, i also can think about these supporters of galliano and if i will support them in the future.  what are their motives?  is it because he's talented and so this is excusable?  is it because they don't want to make any enemies in the business?  or is it because this could have easily been one of them in another place with a disgusting comment about some other group?  either way, i was thoroughly disappointed.

besos jenna pearle*

ps-kudos to natalie portman for her quick shutdown response to galliano's cruel comment.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

lovely lily

another lily cole production!  gorgeous!!!

video voyeur - Turn Your Lights Down Low-bob marley & lauryn hill

i've been slacking off a lot with the video voyeur feature.  i apologize but maybe today's choice will make up for it.  this is "turn the lights down low" by lauryn hill and bob marley with julian marley starring as the love interest (in the video and reality).  i don't know about you but this song makes me feel relaxed and romantic.  the tune is so mellow and passionate, how could one NOT love it?  the same goes for the visuals.  lauryn hill looks stunning, her make up, hair and wardrobe enhancing the soft and free mood.  then there is the lush scenery that makes you want to leave all the hustle and bustle of home to live in the calm caribbean. don't forget the most important factor in the success of this song: the king bob marley.  if bob wanted to give me some good love, i'd surely take him up on it.  enjoy the show!! 
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