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Friday, March 12, 2010

fell in love with a girl- lily cole edition

one of the most unique and refreshing young models currently out there is the gorgeous lily cole. i am intrigued and inspired everytime i come across her image on the blogs and magazines. i can't convey how lovely it is to see someone who doesn't fit the beauty norm making such an impact in the entertainment/fashion industry. what makes lily so instantly fabulous, you ask? here's my top ten list of why its completely necessary to fall for the unforgettable ms. cole

  1. fierce curly red hair

  2. a cabbage patch perfectly round head

  3. the most adorable set of freckles

  4. chubby chipmunk cheeks

  5. perfectly perky breasts

  6. limbs to live for

  7. personal style

  8. cornflower blue deer like eyes

  9. tiny pouty mouth

  10. versatility

and this is strictly based on her outer appearance. im sure we shall be just as blown away with her inner beauty and intelligence.

xoxo jenna pearle*

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