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Thursday, December 30, 2010

eye candy

a little eye candy for you (via blackblonde.tumblr.com)...besos jenna pearle*

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

new year, new attitude outfit

expand your nightlife social calendar...and update your closet to accomodate the upcoming changes.  here is a great example of what you might wear to keep it chic but grab all the attention.  all of these pieces (besides the boots) are a fairly cheap.  well, the shorts from topshop are $130 but everything else is chump change. 

(for details about this outfit, check me out on jenna's polyvore)

besos jenna pearle*

God is good

i'm always asked where do i get my inspiration.  my response is generally everywhere.  when i saw this photo, i was very inspired.  how gorgeous is this?!  love it!

besos jenna pearle*

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

you look like no-sasha not-so-fierce

lately, (usually) bey gets her clothing choices right.  however, this time...........well, this was wrong.  this was all wrong! while i always like a striped tank, adding a cropped crochet vest that ties and then a decorative belt that brings attention to the widest section of her body was not a good idea.  to top it off, bey decides on the long necklace as if there wasn't enough going on.  the ill fitting, unflattering cropped pant add to the rest of the chaos.  what was she thinking??  on a positive note, i do like the hair and make-up.  tsk, tsk, ms. knowles.  you know better than this.  but everyone deserves to have an off day.  all is forgiven.  

 besos jenna pearle*

the jazzy one

jazzy jeff (pic courtesy of beautifulboulevard.tumblr.com)
the epitome of jazzy...

besos jenna pearle*

america, the beautiful

another black and white edition, (in the words of fabolous) NICE!

besos jenna pearle*

Monday, December 27, 2010

old years night

got plans for old years day (thats what the hubby calls new years eve)?  feeling tired of your standard lbd?  why not rock this red hot number with camel and cream accents?!  such a sophisticated party appropriate outfit, right? 

besos jenna pearle*

a different "different world"/ 2011 class reunion

when i was a kid, thursday nights use to be my favorite.  at eight, it was 'the cosby show.'  right after, there was the show that would change my life, "a different world."  for those of you who aren't familiar, "a different world" was a spin-off of the cosby show about life at a historically black college/university.  from day one, i was hooked.   i knew from scene one, i had to make my way to one of these hbcus (abbreviation)......and that was one promise i fulfilled.  this show was my first taste of what college life was really like:  young adults navigating their way through becoming responsible full-fledged grown ups. 
besides the captivating storylines, one of the other main reasons i tuned in was to see what each character would be wearing.  there was whitley gilbert, the upper crust southern princess unwilling to sacrifice the good life.  then there was freddie brooks, the free-spirit flower child down with the revolution and up for deep meditation.  last but not least, there was lena james.  lena was the fly, urban griot fresh out the hood.  these characters let their costumes tell their unique story.  so, what i decided to do was recreate their fabulous style with a 2011 edge.  so, for the "different world" class reunion, i present:


if you dish it, we can take it! 
besos, jenna pearle*

leopard love

i don't know if you've been in the market for a leopard print coat but i found one you may like.  here is one that is the perfect length with a somewhat cinched waist and small (but saturated) pattern.  and, its barely over a hundred at victoria's secret.  what do you think?

besos jenna pearle*

snow day

well, in my neck of the woods (nyc), it is certainly looking like a winter wonderland.  if snow were a hot commodity, the economy would be rejuvenated.  anyhoo, its a good day for hot cocoa, internet browsing, snuggling and movies.  but, if you must go out, here is some inspiration for your winter wardrobe.  not my suggestion, just some inspiration.  enjoy!  besos jenna pearle*

baduizm spam

just spreading the baduizm..................you know you love it!

besos jenna pearle*

Thursday, December 23, 2010

what amber taught me... 7 Essentials

  1. don't take yourself so seriously.
  2. image is everything!  (do you even know what she sounds like? but, i bet you recognize her immediately).
  3. embrace and then show off the curves you were blessed with. 
  4. girls nite out (or in) is essential..
  5. don't be afraid to be seen in your workout clothes.  exercise is also essential!
  6. know and capitalize on your strengths no matter how odd they make you seem.  (hello, baldhead)  in fact, the weirder, the better!
  7. know that everyone comes into your life for a purpose.  learn the lesson, thank them and move on when its time. 
thanks, professor rose!

besos jenna pearle*

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

fell for michelle

obamas @ kennedy honors
couldn't pass on a great opportunity to show off my favorite first couple...as usual, the President looks distinguished and handsome.  however, it is michelle that really steals the scene here.  that dress is pure perfection on her curvy, fit body.  the color and detail of the frock add that extra special fabulous flair.  i LOVE them! 

 besos jenna pearle*

tall glass of water in the desert

besos jenna pearle*

Monday, December 20, 2010

last minute gift guide-jenna's guide to gifting

hey there, procrastinators!  i got something for you: some ideas for last minute fab gifts.  all of the above are courtesy of anthropolgie, old navy and urban outfitters.  happy shopping, my lovelies!          

besos and best wishes, jenna pearle*

mama gotta brand new bag

so, i convinced myself that i need a new signature bag (note: convincing myself that i need anything new isn't difficult). honestly though, i have a ton of bags but nothing that cost all that much money.  what eventually happens, of course, is that they begin to fall apart.  i wanted something that appeared more sophisticated, versatile and still my style. at first, i considered louis vuitton and dooney & bourke but, i couldn't bare to spend that kind of dough on a purse again(had a louis and a coach in the past and both were stolen).  determined,i continued searching for the right choice and came upon the tignanello line.  they had phenomenal choices that rivaled (and even surpassed) the previously mentioned lines.  i ended up choosing this one (photo) because it was classy, structured (great lining and studded bottom) and interesting.  it seemed like the perfect fit for me.  although i do love the red, i actually purchased it in a black, brown and grey suede.  the quality is superb while the price is quite reasonable ($100 on qvc).  can't wait to get my bag in the mail. here are a few others i liked:

price ranges from $77 to $110
blessings & besos jenna pearle*

it don't matter if its black n white-gorgeous gal edition

fluvia lacerda
another inspiring black and white...gorgeous gal!

besos jenna pearle*

Sunday, December 19, 2010

glorious GAP girls

if you know me at all, you know that i am a staunch believer in inclusive beauty.  michaelangela davis calls herself an "image activist."  i feel the same...in fact, i will call myself an inclusive beauty ambassador.  so imagine my overwhelming glee at the current trend of glamorous gap tooth models and actresses.  is it because i am a member of this glorious club?  well, yeah!  but more importantly, i am feeling a slight bit of hope for us all.  could it be possible that our confines of what is beautiful may be changing?  i hope so.  a gap-tooth smile doesn't have to signify an imperfection.  it could be what makes you the most gorgeous.  i'm giddy to find out what "imperfection" we will be celebrating next...besos jenna pearle*

i'm lovin it-big buns and updos

my hair becomes a problem as winter sets in.  with the bulky coats and bulkier scarves (not to mention hats), my hair starts to feel claustrophobic.  my new secret weapon against this...stylish updos and big ol" buns. 

besos jenna pearle*

old school

elton john, diana ross, cher
check these three out.  old school glamour at its finest.

besos jenna pearle*

Saturday, December 18, 2010

mrs. madden

nicole richie and her blushing groom.  awwwwwww!!!!  they look gorgeous..

besos jenna pearle*

Friday, December 17, 2010

i quote

besos jenna pearle*

this or that

kate spade gold clutch

forever 21 gold wallet
first one is kate spade for $345; the second is $7.50 for forever 21.  i'll take B, please and thank you!
besos jenna pearle*

coat check

time to get cozy despite the falling temps...

here are a few adorable coat options.  the pink is my absolute favorite.  the silhouette, color and length are incredible...besos jenna pearle*

the rules: how to live your life

rule number one:  don't take yourself too seriously!

besos jenna pearle*