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Monday, December 20, 2010

mama gotta brand new bag

so, i convinced myself that i need a new signature bag (note: convincing myself that i need anything new isn't difficult). honestly though, i have a ton of bags but nothing that cost all that much money.  what eventually happens, of course, is that they begin to fall apart.  i wanted something that appeared more sophisticated, versatile and still my style. at first, i considered louis vuitton and dooney & bourke but, i couldn't bare to spend that kind of dough on a purse again(had a louis and a coach in the past and both were stolen).  determined,i continued searching for the right choice and came upon the tignanello line.  they had phenomenal choices that rivaled (and even surpassed) the previously mentioned lines.  i ended up choosing this one (photo) because it was classy, structured (great lining and studded bottom) and interesting.  it seemed like the perfect fit for me.  although i do love the red, i actually purchased it in a black, brown and grey suede.  the quality is superb while the price is quite reasonable ($100 on qvc).  can't wait to get my bag in the mail. here are a few others i liked:

price ranges from $77 to $110
blessings & besos jenna pearle*