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Monday, January 23, 2012


pic courtesy of bgki.tumblr.com

this was today's posh photo inspiration.  the outfit is lovely obviously but what i truly love is the ambience of the room.  isn't that soothing and pretty?  it all works so well together.

besos jenna pearle*

Saturday, January 21, 2012

at last...too soon (etta)

paying homage to a spicy, soulful songstess.  she will be missed and appreciated.  so long, etta!

besos jenna pearle*

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

pearles of wisdom: the log

pearles of wisdom:

"keep a log or journal of things/looks you are drawn to. use it when you are planning your outfits or need inspiration."

besos jenna pearle*

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

birthday wish

evidently, three of my favorite ladies were born on this day.  so, birthday shout outs are in order for zooey deschanel, mrs. obama and the beautiful, irreplacable betty white. hope you enjoyed, ladies! and as for birthday boys,happy birthday, mr. muhammad ali.  he already knows he's the greatest.

besos jenna pearle*

pearles of wisdom: get cultured

so, i have this new feature which is bestowing a pearl (of wisdom about improving your style and developing your personal style) on all my twitter and fb friends and followers (you can join me here on twitter @missposhbrown or the posh brown fb page). when i can, i will post the fashion pearle of the day on this blog and even go into detail at least once a week (i'll try, no pressure, please! lol)

just in case you haven't followed me on either page yet (and why haven't you?), i'll share today's pearle with you now.

pearles of wisdom:

"look to unexpected places to find inspiration: museums, foreign cultures, movies, architecture/home design, literature...ect"

there is inspiration all around.  be sure to recognize and then utilize the world around you.  this week, i visited two impressive museums: the brooklyn museum and the museum of natural history.  both had fabulous exhibits that got my creative juices going.  one was called youth & beauty: art of the american twenties.  this is one of my favorite eras of history.  i will definitely be incorporating some of what i saw into my fashion and my blog in the near future.  i'm also reading the last installment of 'the hunger series.'  the main character's tomboy, i'm a surivor characteristics have certainly seeped into my fashion soul.  so to conclude, i insist you get out and get cultured as much as you can.  and then, bring it back to your closet.  you'll feel better for it!
besos jenna pearle*

Monday, January 16, 2012

video voyeur- happy bday, sade edition

it has come to my attention that sade adu was born on this day over half a century ago.  therefore, we must celebrate and acknowledge here at the posh brown experience.  when it comes to sticking to a signature style that works for you, no one does it better than this queen.  and that applies fashionwise and musically.  take some time and enjoy her video "baby's father" from the soldier of love album.  i promise you it's breathtakingly beautiful.  but what else is new when it comes to ms. adu?  (oh yeah, that rhymed!)  

 besos jenna pearle*

Friday, January 13, 2012

singing your praises-the denim shirt

wondering what to wear with your denim/ombre shirt?  well, i've been singing it's praises since waaaaay back.  you know, how it's so versatile and easy to work?  above are just a few interesting suggestions.  try it!
only $6 at the online posh brown boutique, lovelies!
mossimo circa '98
besos jenna pearle*

fashion fairy god mentor #2- e. badu

so, who is my second fairygod mentor, you ask? none other than the magificent badu.  ms. erykah badu is fearless in  so many aspects of her life.  however, fashion is one where she takes no prisoners.  from day one when i saw her sitting at d'angelo's piano (lady remix by d'angelo) looking so beautiful and yet so unusual (especially compared to the usual video hotties) back in 94' or 95'.  her head was wrapped high and mighty, her skirt was long and triumphant.  i had no idea who this queen was but i wanted to know more.  fast forward to 96', erykah badu makes a big splash  in music (baduizm) and how to be original.  bottom line for badu seems to be "i don't care what you think."  when her headwrap began to appear to gimmicky and took away from her message, she got rid of it.  when her wig was threatening to blow away during an outside concert in brooklyn (dave chapelle's block party), she whipped it off herself.  badu is not interested in selling sexiness.  she's more into expressing herself on her own terms.  that is exactly why i want some a sprinkle of her baduizm fairy dust on me.  erykah embodies the exact elements i crave in a fairy fashion god mentor. 
besos jenna pearle*

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

going green (jean)

via bgki.tumblr.com
colored denim is one of the EASIEST (and did i mention fun?) ways to revive a boring wardrobe.  i'm not usually one for trends but this is one i can certainly get behind.  try comfy chic or dressy casual.
either way, you're destined for success.

    besos jenna pearle*

ebony (the black model edition)

donyale luna

naomi sims

arlenis sosa


ubah hassan
this "it doesn't matter if it's black or white" post is dedicated to the beautiful black models, past & present.  naomi sims and donyale luna paved the way for the naomi c., imans, tyras and chanels.  our beauty is often overlooked and downplayed but as you can see here (and hopefully wherever you are), it it undeniable. 

besos jenna pearle*

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

sol-angel, the posh brown muse of the moment

we've finally crowned a new posh brown muse of the moment and it's......solange "new auntie" knowles.  lately, ms. sol-angel has been rocking some fierce, bold and unapologetic looks.  her eclectic style has been turning heads of many a fashion folk (like lucky magazine for one) and those trendsetters on the street.  what i find most endearing is that she is so past looking sexy and much rather be original.  that is rare for someone at that tender age (even though she IS a mommy).  so kudos to the found her voice and style outside of her sister's huge shadow. 

besos jenna pearle*

Monday, January 9, 2012

mentor #1: j'adore jessie adore

hola, lovelies.  so a couple of days ago, i was mentioned how i was taking on some fashion mentors this year.  i told you how i wanted these individuals to #1 keep my routine stress free #2 further develop my personal style and #3 maintain my "dowhatchalike" and "idgaf" lifestyle.  that was the plan.  therefore, it's time to reveal my first style maven mentor: jessie adore.  now,i've been meaning to tell you about this lovely lady for quite some time.  i've probably been stalking her blog for close to two years because i so "adore" her lifestyle (you'll see her at the top of my blogroll).  she's so cute, her hair is cute, her clothes are cute, her apartment is cute, her friends are cute.  who wouldn't want that?!  plus, she's all short and curvy (so, a gal like me can identify). 
but what i love most about her is that nothing seems forced.  nothing that she wears or does seems to be because she thinks that's what's hot (as paris would say).  i believe this is just her genuine individual style.  this is the case whether she's dolled up in a dress fit for a 40's siren  or in her jeans at the park.
so, it is official...jessie will guide me through 2012 and remind me that i can do as i please. i, too, can have a fabulous, fashionable life, if i so choose.  it was written... 
stay tuned for my next two fashion fairy godmentors... 

besos jenna pearle*