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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

pearles of wisdom: get cultured

so, i have this new feature which is bestowing a pearl (of wisdom about improving your style and developing your personal style) on all my twitter and fb friends and followers (you can join me here on twitter @missposhbrown or the posh brown fb page). when i can, i will post the fashion pearle of the day on this blog and even go into detail at least once a week (i'll try, no pressure, please! lol)

just in case you haven't followed me on either page yet (and why haven't you?), i'll share today's pearle with you now.

pearles of wisdom:

"look to unexpected places to find inspiration: museums, foreign cultures, movies, architecture/home design, literature...ect"

there is inspiration all around.  be sure to recognize and then utilize the world around you.  this week, i visited two impressive museums: the brooklyn museum and the museum of natural history.  both had fabulous exhibits that got my creative juices going.  one was called youth & beauty: art of the american twenties.  this is one of my favorite eras of history.  i will definitely be incorporating some of what i saw into my fashion and my blog in the near future.  i'm also reading the last installment of 'the hunger series.'  the main character's tomboy, i'm a surivor characteristics have certainly seeped into my fashion soul.  so to conclude, i insist you get out and get cultured as much as you can.  and then, bring it back to your closet.  you'll feel better for it!
besos jenna pearle*

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