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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Monday, June 28, 2010

twilight zone

twilight time is back. yes, ladies and gentlemen, eclipse will be out on the 30th ( thats almost tomorrow). therefore, i found it fitting to post some pics of the eclipse stars. plus, in the one on the bottom, kristen is sporting that side braid i'm crazy about. both look gorgeous in all three images.
reporting live from team edward headquarters, jenna pearle* xoxo


love the dress, love the make-up, love the bob! the black & gold works wonders.
xoxo jenna pearle*
nicki minaj looks fierce here.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Michael Jackson HD Collection - 1995 MTV Music Awards Live HD

i bet you remember

mike, today i mourned you. i cried...i smiled...i sang...i remembered the times. thank you for all you've done, mr. michael joseph jackson.
xoxo love always, jenna pearle*

the way you make me feel, mike

this represents what i'm feeling today. i just want to immerse myself in michael!

xoxo jenna pearle*
another post to come soon on the topic!

i can transform ya

eve has come a LONG way. there's a long story behind that statement that i don't feel like delving into now...point is eve was not always on point, fashionwise. but with the right people in her corner, she blossomed into what we see above. she even took a chance with her own clothing line. i want to be one of those people who is in that corner directing you to the path of a better you. hence, i've begun classes in image consulting. so far, so good. really, its something i've been doing for free for years so why not try it on as a career. wish me luck!

xoxo jenna pearle*

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

we wear short shorts

this is the look of the summer for me. loose fitting short shorts in pretty prints. i found a blue with white polka dot short at h&m for $17 bucks. i also ordered some easy, breezy rompers from f21. the look is just so blazee blah cool, you know. comfortable and classy. pair it with a round toe 4inch heel or a pair of laidback flats. wear it with a cutesy blouse or a tank top. if you're the daring type, pair it with another pattern for the look du jour. anyway you do it, chances are you won't go wrong.
xoxo jenna pearle
(pics are probably from lookbook, btw)

it girl

starting to love ms. nicki minaj more and more each day. and why not? do i agree with all aspects of her image and look? no! but i like her style, like her lyrics and understand that what she's doing isn't as easy as it looks. plus, i hear she's a queens girl (my current residence). above is a pretty amazing pic of her. wouldn't you agree?

the queens queen, jenna pearle xoxo

side swiped

Braids are bomb! does anyone still say "bomb" anymore?! i actually never did but needed something that began with a "B." anyhow, i digress. i am completely in love with the side braid. it represent elegance and independence. perfect do for the hazy, summer days or fun, lazy nights. most likely, this style can be accomplished with practically any hair type. striking, if i do say so myself...and i do. that will be all!
xoxo jenna pearle*

dapper dad

happy father's day!!! okay, okay...i know i'm very late but i needed a break from posting. so, i ended up letting the day go unnoticed here at passionista place. its ironic since i accumalated all of these pics a long time ago and decided to wait until father's day to post them. anyhow, as i mentioned before, my parents are extremely stylish (and wonderful all across the board) people. when it comes to putting effort and time into an ensemble, despite being a manly man,my dad does NOT disappoint. he plans ahead, he plans in detail. i recall seeing the process firsthand...from the slow, old fashioned shaving ritual, to the shining of the shoes, to the laying out the clothes, all the way to the choosing the perfect cufflinks, watch and other accessories. so, although i've already celebrated with him, i'm giving him yet another shout out for such impeccable style.
btw, LOVE this delightful duo of lenny and zoe kravitz. they seem like they have a great relationship. of course, i adore lisa bonet as well but this awesome father-daughter team cannot be beat.
xoxo jenna pearle*

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

keep ya head up

happy birthday, tupac...it goes without saying that your presence, your voice, your energy are truly missed. i wonder how you would have matured by 39. unfortunately, we'll never know.
xoxo jenna pearle*

so into you

OK...red leopard print is REALLY hot to me right now. sooo ready to drape myself in it. a nice dress or skirt...or maybe some hammer pants. hmmm....

xoxo jenna pearle*


she's pulling of the bad ass, red lip look something fierce! gorg-eous!!!
xoxo jenna pearle*
pic courtesy of bestsoylatte.blogspot.com

marilyn monrose

i've turned into a huge amber rose fan. well since she doesn't do anything in particular, fan may be overstating things. i will say, instead, that i'm an admirer of her bold choices and daring looks. i find the way she has turned nothing into something pretty fascinating. so here she is at a shoot channeling ms. marilyn monroe. tres chic!
xoxo jenna pearle*

Monday, June 14, 2010

i can do anything good!

this lil one is going to be my new life coach. too freakin' cute!

seriously, there is a lot to learn from this adorable little girl and

i intend to absorb the lesson. whenever i start thinking ilm lacking

because i don't have this or that, i'll remember what she said. i love

my life, i love my friends, i love my family. just as important, i shall

keep in mind that "i can do anything good!"

thanks jessica

xoxo jenna pearle*

Saturday, June 12, 2010

black girls rock

i'm a bit annoyed at all of the bs black women have been going through in the press (and society) lately. when i gather my thoughts, i shall post again on the topic. in the meantime, here is a little reminder of just how special and adorable we are.

xoxo jenna pearle*

(pic courtesy of theurbansocialite.tumblr.com)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

smith n lesson

the smith family seemed quite obnoxious, in my opinion. cute but obnoxious. will was okay but thats where it ended. jada was just way too much. tre turned me off during an episode of america's next top model when he was a guest correspondent. i felt he was rude and disrespectful to individuals who were much older. willow? annoying...and there was jaden. what an obnoxious, precocious little self centered boy! later on, i watched the family on oprah and i've learned to appreciate a lot about this family. what impresses me most is that there is a philosophy behind the parenting. there is a family mission, an ultimate goal, that the smiths seem to be aiming for. will and jada (but especially will) were truly inspiring. they had many anecdotes, demonstrating their support and love. for instance, that haircut of willow's just screamed for attention. but after listening and giving it some consideration, i agreed with jada. it seems it was willow's idea to cut it like that and that is intriguing in a world where young girls and women tie their beauty to the length and beauty of their hair. perhaps willow is that confident and self-aware. either way, i doubt i would ever be interested in babysitting the smith clan. however, i have a much better understanding of their behavior and demeanor. above are some pics of them at the karate kid premiere. check the outfits, especially willow's. you can't tell them nothin'!
xoxo jenna pearle*


apparently, miss fenty will be gracing the covers and sheets of elle in june. she was not kidding when she sung "that rihanna reign just won't let up." stunning as usual. not much more to say about that.
xoxo jenna pearle*

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

black n white

of course you've heard of gary coleman's death by now. i hope he has found his peace now. the next pic is a gorgeous little girl i found a pic of on tobia.tumblr.com.
xoxo jenna pearle*

miss u mike

i really miss michael jackson. i know i've mentioned this before. but anyhow, its going to be a year of his passing on and i'm still appreciating the wonderful, beautiful, talented being he truly was. i came across this pic online and it just struck me how perfect he looked here. i came to terms with whatever his transformation deal was, i think. its amazing what we eventually accept. but seeing this image here...the kinks, the complexion, the features...he was just fine. yes, mike, you are just fine with me, always.
xoxo jenna pearle*

red, red whine

red lipstick...the most elusive make-up trick for a girl...especially one of a darker persuasion. lately, i've found myself really digging this look for two reasons. #1. its a timeless yet sexy look. #2. i'm a rebel and i don't like being told what i can and cannot wear. so, of course, i sauntered into MAC in search of the perfect shade for me. when i approached an available make-up diva and informed her of my quest, she gave me a look and sigh that said "for you (as in a mocha vixen such as myself)? not gonna happen." then she sent me to look at some extremely watered down shade (almost magenta). instead, after trying on a zillion shades of red on my wrist, i decided to be bold and choose the MAC Red. if it needed toning down, i had a few shades at home that could do the trick. so this summer, i am all about the jet black sharp eye and red lip. i may even attempt it during the day. how ya like me now?!!!
by the way, i was not able to find many pics of very dark women with the bold red lip at the time of this post. however, as soon as i do, i shall post evidence.
xoxo jenna pearle*