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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

missing you

iam SO sorry about the lack of posting, my lovelies. not only do I not have access to the internet but the whole computer is gone now. supposedly, its being fixed and I hope to have it back sometime soon. in the meantime, i'm speaking to you via blackberry. i will try to stay in contact through these means as much as i can. honestly, I miss you! i can't believe how emotional I feel about this. i have so much I want to tell you but until next time...besos jenna pearle*

Sunday, November 14, 2010

style file

via fashionbombdaily

courtesy of fashiontribe.tumblr.com

courtesy of elle fashion blog

courtesy of blackfashion.tumblr.com

you don't know how much i've missed you guys!! my internet service has been quite disappointing lately. i'm not even sure how long this taste of the internet is going to last. i felt so lost and out of touch! hence, the lack of posting...sorry about that
:( but i'm back (for now). i have come across a whole lot of stylish ladies over the weeks and felt compelled to share them with you. for most of them, i don't know their story. therefore, i won't even bother commenting. i shall let the photo evidence speak for itself. enjoy and digest, loves. besos jenna pearle*

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

drama mama

this is just a little bit of inspiration for your upcoming winter wardrobe.  here is an ad from dkny that is certainly full of drama.  intense colors, bold shapes, chic accessories...the necessary objects one needs in order to pull off these stand out looks...let me know what you think...besos jenna pearle*

Monday, November 8, 2010

shannon tavares, our little lioness

today is the day we officially say goodbye to shannon tavares, the young talent who played nala from the lion king.  she passed away from leukemia last week.  its just a sad but important story.  read more about it here and find out how you can help others from suffering this same fate.  rest in peace, shannon.  you were loved by many. 
 xoxo  jenna pearle*

Saturday, November 6, 2010

three fly chicks

three gorgeous girls with three different styles of beauty...besos jenna pearle*

poor little rich girl

although christina appears quite depressed in this photo, she also looks absolutely stunning.  the canary blonde hair and white dress offset by the rediculously red lips in the luxurious setting...pure unadulterated perfection for me.  i think the frown adds a depth and story that wouldn't be there otherwise.  LOVE it!

besos jenna pearle*

Friday, November 5, 2010

olsen vs. flinstones- who rocked it best?

i came across this picture of the olsen twins as i usually do when looking at fashion forward photos.  but, something was different this time.  i really liked this orange dress with the blue scarf and found it safe and calming despite its radical hue.  it took a bit of time to understand why this felt so refreshingly familiar.  but then, i got it! this was fred's dress from one of my favorite childhood cartoons.  take a look below and tell me this doesn't reek of the flinstone patriarch...and you thought wilma and betty were the fashion phenoms!
besos jenna pearle*

video voyeur...bag lady

you may recall our new segment where once a week we celebrate music videos that are visually and musically stimulating.  erykah badu's "bag lady" is the choice of the week.  this is in honor of the tyler perry's "for colored girls" movie hitting theatres today. i am far from perry's biggest fan.  his work is usually not my style and borderline offensive.  safe to say, his work often rubs me the wrong way.  however, i am able to keep an open mind and hope for the best with the film.  the sheer talent and sophistication of the leading ladies and gentlemen starring in this movie radiates positivity.  erykah took on this piece of heavy piece of literature (shange's 'for colored girls who have considered suicide when the rainbow isn't enuff')first with her "bag lady" video before perry dreamed of tackling this.  its one of my favorites for various reasons.  the color scheme and costumes are mesmerizing.  but what is most poignant is the theme.  we all have issues, we all have baggage we must acknowledge and overcome.  let me know your thoughts on this video in the comments.  isn't she fierce?  do you have any videos to suggest for video voyeur? 

besos jenna pearle*

Thursday, November 4, 2010

curves galore

look at ditto!  she looks amazing and curvalicous in this pouffy colorful dress.  and then there's janet...she looks as if she's coming into her own.  in that outfit, ms. jackson is hot to trot.  stunning!!!
besos jenna pearle*

tyra banks and the business of smizing

sexy smizing!  let the master (ms. tyra banks) school you on how to give a great photo...doesn't she look absolutely sultry here?  besos jenna pearle*

flyguy sosa

hola, kiddies.  i just wanted to let you know about my new blog on tumblr.  the purpose of this one is to showcase some daily styling i do on posh brown's fabulous muse, flyguy sosa.  please be sure to make your way over and check it out. above are a few sample pics you'll find over at http://flyguysosa.tumblr.com/.  let me know your thoughts!  

 besos jenna pearle*

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

tommy boy

tommy hilfiger's line is so on point this season.  the clothes are...magnificent!  the preppy, laidback, layered look reminiscent of a wes anderson film (specifically 'the royal tenenbaums') is quite impressive.  i am especially pleased with the 2010 Fall Campaign Ad.  tommy captures fall and its colorful clothing so perfectly.  i suppose i could go on gushing but i think you get the point...go ahead and enjoy the shots above...

besos jenna pearle*
btw, check out this royal blog post on 'the royal tenenbaums' and the gorgeous costumes.  pretty interesting.

Monday, November 1, 2010

the bitch is back...gossip girl

hi guys!  just a friendly reminder that tonight is gossip girl night.  make sure you're tuned in because this season (unlike the last two) is juicy and superbly stylish.  yes, gossip mongers, gg is back on track.  here is a beautiful black and white of the talented, leighton meester who so brilliantly portrays my favorite character, blair waldorf. you KNOW you love her...check out more leighton here the gorgeous gossip girl       xoxo  besos jenna pearle*