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Saturday, November 6, 2010

poor little rich girl

although christina appears quite depressed in this photo, she also looks absolutely stunning.  the canary blonde hair and white dress offset by the rediculously red lips in the luxurious setting...pure unadulterated perfection for me.  i think the frown adds a depth and story that wouldn't be there otherwise.  LOVE it!

besos jenna pearle*


Becca said...

Totally agreed!! Such a great title. haha Her hairstyle makes her look girlish and pouty as well. Very cool image!


jenna pearle said...

pouty is the perfect word, becca.

Carolina Krews said...

This is such an old picture...maybe about 5 years...i remember i had saved for a while in my computer. She's looks fab <3 and her heels are awesome! :)



jenna pearle said...

it looks like its around the "ain't no other man" era when she was really into the pin-up girl look. i think she's back to that theme again, actually. the heels are quite fab.