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Monday, April 30, 2012

if i were the beholder...kat dennings

all pics courtesy of fuckyeahkatdennings.tumblr.com

beyonce is beyond beautiful......no breaking news here.  people magazine confirmed this by selecting her to be the most beautiful woman IN THE WORLD.  but..........the decision is just a bit too predictable, too cliche.  and the pictures (in my opinion) were too bland.  they did very little to showcase how stunning she truly is.  but wouldn't it have been refreshing to see a fresh and less conventional beauty on the cover with that title?  when writing this, i thought of a bevy of ladies who are beautiful and less....well, boring.  at first, i was going to showcase a bunch of them here.  however, i changed my mind and decided to settle on one phenomenal beauty.  kat dennings!!!
i have been mesmerized by this gorgeous gal for quite some time.  i think it began with 'nick & norah's infinite playlist.'  i only watched half of it but was still impressed.  (i recall ms. dennings on an infamous sex & the city episodes)  then i got to get a chance for a weekly dose of her when she signed on for the sitcom '2 broke girls.'  what i love about her besides her rare beauty (have you seen those eyes big as quarters and lips that many would sacrifice first borns for) is the intelligence and downtown sauciness she gives off in every role and interviews.  a wallflower, she is not. plus, kat has quite the bodacious body (another area where she could give bey a run for her millions).  she certainly does not fit the cookie cutter mold of what's pretty in hollywood.   nevertheless, i think kat dennings has just as strong a case for "most beautiful woman" as mrs. knowles-carter.  who would you choose for the title?

besos jenna pearle*
p.s if you need your beyonce fix, don't fret; click here for bey.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

the little things

sometimes, it's the little things that make a difference.  so, my advice to you is to pay attention to the details when creating a winning look.  the accessories are what make your ensemble more you.  where would the royal one, kate middleton, be without her fascinator and ladylike heels?  billie holliday without her signature flower?  liz taylor without her diamonds?  michael without his glove and fedora?  so what is it that makes your look pop?  below are some suggestions:

besos jenna pearle*