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Sunday, January 31, 2010

whimsical wonder

"make it funky...and fun!" says me.

the truly whimsical has totally tickled my fancy, lately. 2010 is all about having a good time and not taking yourself (life or fashion) so seriously. so why not attempt some fun and flirty accessories? fortunately for you, i have provided some inspiration above.

smooches, jenna pearle

Saturday, January 30, 2010

oh anna! black n white edition

the gorgeous, late anna nicole smith for "guess?". what a beauty she was in her heyday. i think that this was her perfect size. love you, anna!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

queen bee dub, the ultimate gossip girl

"miss blair waldorf...something to talk about"

ahhh, blair waldorf... the ambitious and manipulative bitch you've gotta love. as far as i'm concerned, blair is the bee's knees on one of my favorite shows, gossip girl. queen bee reigns supreme while battling her devilish inner demons and her insecurities. blessed with the best (and most consistent) wardrobe, blair gets IT right every single time. her outfits most definitely speak to her character. and now that she's coupled up with chuck (a snazzy fashion icon in his own rite), blair has only gotten better. so jump on the waldorf wagon and be sure to tune in to see what crazy shenanigans b. dub finds herself in from week to week. i'll def be watching...
you know u love her, xo xo jenna p

gossip girls

"you know you love me. xoxo" gossip girl

i'm really missing gossip girl!!!!
i hear new episodes aren't coming until march. the clothes on the show are to die for. however, the outfits from the first season are untouchable. i would love to be a fashion consultant or stylist for this show. look out for a post on my favorite character, blair waldorf, soon. chuck comes in at a close second, by the way.
xoxo jenna pearle, the gossip girl addict (and proud of it)

Monday, January 25, 2010

link up...deal of the day, if you're lucky

calling all bargainistas!!! luckymagonline has a great deal of the day taking place as we speak (depending on when you read this, of course). these "minnetonka back zipper boots" are a perfect addition to your casual but cute persona. these shoes have an awesome bohemian chic look for the fantabulous price of $42. and lucky for you, luckymag is offering you 50% off today if you use their promotional coupon "luckydaily4" at the checkout area. you can't go wrong with that deal! so head to luckymag.com or go straight to needsupply.com to take advantage of this deal. you only have 24 hours to get this deal so get on this asap. btw, they also come in black...

jenna pearle

who's bad?

mike, i miss you. no, really mike, i miss you...a lot! and on another note, i would truly love to have this bad tee in my possession. why not?! pic from blackfashion on tumblr, btw...
jenna pearle*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

bey and jay...taking it down a notch

awwww!!! look at the happy couple...as you can see, this is a pic of bey and jay walking hand in hand. don't know why this pic makes me happy. perhaps, its because you rarely see this side of the couple. also, i think we both got hitched around the same time. anyhoo, enjoy the pic of these two taking it down a notch and enjoying each other's company.

xo xo jenna pearle

pic courtesy of bossip.com

she's locked up

i would have really loved and appreciated a Barbie (or any doll) that looked like this when i was growing up. pic courtesy of peewee parker on flickr. i'm lovin it!
xo xo jenna pearle*

mission statement

"dress everyday like you're going to get murdered in those clothes"
xo xo jenna pearle

chic besties...sanaa in grey

how gorgeous are these two...sanaa lathan and regina hall looking fab at a movie premiere red carpet. i've been raving about grey lately and i thought sanaa nailed this look. not to be outshined, her bestie is working that modern day flapper dress with lovely detailing. amazing!!

xoxo jenna pearle*

stuntin' like my daddy

justin combs, son of diddy (and fashion stylist misa hilton-brym), celebrated his sixteenth birthday the other night. of course, plenty of the stars shone brightly but the birthday boy was looking quite dapper. i love the white tuxedo jacket with black details with the classic black and white shelltop adidas. no one on the corner got swagger like him. happy bday, justin!

another pic of diddy and his other two sons
xoxo jenna pearle

taking it down...impeccable beckham style

here are david and victoria beckham gallavanting around the city fabulously. i suppose i am featuring this under the toning it down category. however, posh, although fairly toned down for her, is not really all that casual here. it doesn't matter because david does fit the bill and in my opinion is the one who makes this pic. i love his look here (and everywhere else usually). the grey knit scarf and hat combo, the perfect leather (faux?) jacket and comfy yet stylish sneaks and baggy pants. pure perfection, if you ask me (and apparently, you did).
xoxo jenna pearle*

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking It Down a Notch...To Brunch

surprisingly, russell brand is sexy to me for so many odd and interesting reasons. unfortunately, i don't have time to expand on that here. it seems katy perry knows what i'm talking about. here they are above, canoodling, on their way to a very sexy breakfast after a VERY sexy night. i'm speculating, of course. the rock n roll couple is dressed down but still they manage to look fierce (check out the great accessories on both). no visible hangovers here! good job, katy and russell. i applaud you...

xoxo jenna pearle

pic courtesy of people magazine

stripes and polka dots

i was getting dressed one average saturday afternoon, my black and white plaid coat, my army fatigue military cap, when i thought "OMG, i''m gonna clash!" then, i remembered: its 2010 and those rules don't neccessarily apply the way they use to. in fact, its become quite fashionable to mix and match patterns, colors and textures. really, there are no specific standards for pulling off this look. however, if you're a newbie, my advice would be to use colors that compliment each other (use the above pic for an example {lavender, purple, pink}). For instance, maybe you can attempt a red and white polka dot blouse with a mustard yellow plaid skirt. if you're not ready for such a risky step, start small with clashing accessories. So instead of the mustard yellow plaid skirt, try a yellow plaid scarf or tights(or headband a la Gossip Girl). another newbie suggestion would be to use different patterns in the same color (see arlenis sosa on bike below). Stripes and polka dots at once...why not? its all chic if its done on purpose and with some connecting factor. next, never underestimate the power of the belt. like the U.N, it somehow brings together things that don't belong seamlessly...and it reminds everyone of your girlish figure (even if you don't have one). last but not least, wear whatever you choose with confidence. i don't mean that in that cheesy cliche way magazines and parents often mean it. i'm telling you that if you wear something in a sassy, confident manner telling the world " i meant to do this and you should be doing it too" everyone else will believe it. as i mentioned before, there are no real rules and thats what im loving about fashion right now. so you have my permission to do as you please!

xoxo jenna pearle*

Friday, January 22, 2010

grey gardens

while i fully intend on incorporating a colorful palette to my wardrobe and encourage you to do the same, i am powerless against the color grey. it matches everything and adds a bit of sophistication that your outfit might have otherwised lacked. it looks good no matter what the season. imagine a great grey coat or grey wool blazer. then, in the hot months, a cute off the shoulder grey tee or a sexy grey pencil skirt. spice it up with some selections from that colorful palette i suggested earlier. cheerio!
jenna pearle*