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Monday, January 25, 2010

link up...deal of the day, if you're lucky

calling all bargainistas!!! luckymagonline has a great deal of the day taking place as we speak (depending on when you read this, of course). these "minnetonka back zipper boots" are a perfect addition to your casual but cute persona. these shoes have an awesome bohemian chic look for the fantabulous price of $42. and lucky for you, luckymag is offering you 50% off today if you use their promotional coupon "luckydaily4" at the checkout area. you can't go wrong with that deal! so head to luckymag.com or go straight to needsupply.com to take advantage of this deal. you only have 24 hours to get this deal so get on this asap. btw, they also come in black...

jenna pearle

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