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Monday, August 30, 2010

madonna motif

madonna has often been called a style chameleon but i vehemently disagree. chameleons change, blending into their environment. while there is no denying madonna louise ciccone knows how to make a change, her bold choices rarely ever reflect whats happening around her. on the contrary, we (the environment) follow her blindly.

i don't have enough time or space to really disect the many motifs madonna has given us. that said, i can't help but discuss some of my favorites with you. of course, we recall how it all began*. the punky, pop temptress with the dance background. we met madonna decked in lacey fingerless gloves, rubber and spiked jewelry, two (maybe three) toned hair and a mischievous attitude.

and do you remember the Papa Don't Preach', 'Cherish' cutesie look? Or, should i refer to it as the True Blue stage? there wasn't much to dislike with this short, blonde sweet maddy. soon, we were introduced to the italian-american stunner in ' like a prayer' ... this was my first opportunity to see m.c stripped of all the armor. it was just madge as a brunette in a simple dress and make-up.

things took a turn for the odd during the erotica time period and i must admit, i lost interest. forgive me, i was twelve. i did enjoy the Deeper seventies vibe but the sex book just wasn't for me. (check debi mazar in the deeper video)

i made my way back to madge during the "secrets" era. ms. ciccone had gained perspective, weight and feminity (well, a softer femininity). think back to the video with the spanish bullfighter. the vail, the tailored suit, the architecture, the colors (esp. the crimson lips)...gorgeous!!!! it was madonna who needed to "take a bow."

madonna would make her way down the earthy, mystical kaballah phase, making a few stops on the urban cowboy, female pimpstress and English lady train.

it would be nearly impossible to contest the influence madonna has had on the pop culture world. tweens can thank their lucky stars (silly pun intended) ms. madonna and her look-alike heir to the throne, lourdes have created a line of clothing based on their own eclectic style. its very 80's madonna but so cute. now you don't have to take the time to cook up your own personal, creative style. you can just pick up their instant version at your nearby macy's. voila!

xoxo jenna pearle*


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