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Monday, August 30, 2010

diggin the digable planets

i suppose i've always been a bit of an urban hipster, following the beat of my own drummer and all. despite trends, i wore whatever i wanted. i listened to whatever i wanted. that brings me to my point. you probably think of digable planets as one hit wonders. thats if you remember them at all. i think of digable planets as the cool cats that helped to shape my adolescence. digable planets were hipsters. they were poets. they were revolutionaries. they were mellow but with a meaningful message. they were me! butterfly, the unofficial leader of the trio, was effortlessly handsome with chiseled cheekbones and buttery brown skin. ladybug aka mecca provided the quiet yet forceful female voice. although she was gorgeous, it was refreshing that this was downplayed instead of being the sole marketing device. then there was doodlebug who had the demeanor of the cool guy friend you had in college.
dp was not just about being "cool like dat." they rapped about womens' right to choose, racism, self-acceptance and making the most of your circumstances. jazz was instrumental (ha ha, i slay me) in the digable sound. and so was the sixties and seventies for these retro cats. dp's first album "reachin" was the perfect antidote for my revolutionary, angst ridden teenage years (hey, it was the nineties). they were more than just a rap group. butterfly, ladybug and doodlebug were old friends with the same ideals.
how can you incorporate digable style into your life? it's easy:
  • embrace plaid
  • keep it baggy (at least your pants)
  • camouflage and gortex are a must
  • run dmc said it best...my adidas-stansmiths and shelltops
  • natural hair (whatever your texture) is the bee's knees
  • skullies never hurt nobody
  • wear a witty revolutionary tee (maybe one that celebrates a legend)

and keep it groovy!

xoxo jenna pearle*

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