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Friday, July 3, 2009

Jacket Jeanius

what, you ask, is the item that is going to pull almost all your outfits together? answer: the all important jean jacket! the jean jacket works magic. it can toughen up a girly dress, tone down a dressy or skanky outfit, give pizazz to a plain outfit. crucial tips to keep in mind:

* get a flattering fit. i cut the bottom off of mine a few years back to create a better shape.

* feel free to wear denim at the top and bottom. just vary the color scheme. it ain't the 80s.
* use accessories to dress up the denim. add your own personal touch.

xoxo jenna pearl

Thursday, July 2, 2009

moonwalking to the beat of your own drum

i am devastated by the tragic news concerning Michael Jackson, the King of Pop's, sudden passing. the effect the loss has had on me is indicative of the effect his legacy created. by now, you undoubtedly have seen a bio on Mike J. and his unchallenged talent. therefore, i will focus this entry on the tremendous influence he has had on us in the fashionable sense.
if you are from my era, the unforgettable eighties, then you recall everyone and their lil cousin pining for and maybe even receiving THE red leather Thriller/ Billie Jean jackets. Michael moonwalked to the beat of his own drum. He took huge fashion chances and that boldness is part of what made him phenomenal. and, that is what made me love him even more. in honor of the Gloved One, i pay tribute by emjaying your warbdrobe.

*fedoras- i thought MJ looked so cute when he wore the hat. if ever he could be described as sexy, it would be when he was wearing his suit with the fedora. let the hat work its michael magic on you.
*sequins- don't be afraid of sequins!!! a great way to add glamour to a day or nite time ensemble. maybe mike got a little carried away, but he shined. all eyes were always glued on mr. jackson; therefore, he achieved his goal.

*signature accessories- have something that creates a brand for you. one should always have a lil something that sets them apart. MJ had the glove (and the black arm band that signified the children suffering i believe), janet had the hoop earring with the key. what is your signature look?

*white tees - Mike knew how to jazz it up but he also knew how to tone it down. MJ was a fan of the white tee and seemed to recognize the importance of this wardrobe staple.

Michael Jackson, your life and death "rocked my world." RIP to the Greatest!