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Sunday, August 5, 2012

summer dreams

i had high hopes for the summer...but so far it wins the gold for the most uneventful one.  fortunately, there is still time to salvage what's left of the season and have some fun.  i hope you guys are taking taking full advantage of the opportunities summer brings.  here are a few items on my list of summer events that i have or would love to cross off...you should be sure to get a few of these in...

drink fruity cocktails*have a summer fling*watch the sunrise and/or sunset*hit the beach*take some moments to appreciate nature*go bike riding* some street festivals*go for walks in the park*attend some free summer concerts*go to a few bbqs and picnics*eat a meal with/without friends at an outdoor cafe*watch your favorite olympic event and cheer your country on*take refuge from the heat in your local library and museums*do a lot of people watching*attend or plan your family reunion*

besos jenna pearle*