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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tune in...peg bundy

who worshipped the legging long before everyone else jumped on board? who was rocking the high beehive hair waaaaaay before you ever even heard of a ms. winehouse? who was a hot desperate housewife sans cooking & cleaning ages before eva longoria? survey says...peggy bundy, the real deal! the faux housewife of chicago shimmied into our hearts and households in the late eighties, teaching us how to redefine the role of the wife. here are a few lessons from the queen p. take notes:
*dress sexy even if your plans only involved general hospital on the couch.
*leopard print is nothing to fear
*embrace and then show off all curves
*most important, it is okay to be vocal (even demanding) about your sexual needs. no need to be coy.
i heart u so much, peggy bundy. we owe you. i salute you for being tired of toning it down...

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