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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

cheer up buttercup jeans

delicious discovery...yellow jeans!!! i didn't think i could pull off colored jeans with all the curves i own. frankly, i wasn't that interested anyway. on a random shopping trip, however, i came across a pair of yellow jeans at the Gap (on sale, too). On a whim, i went ahead and bought it. the fit had me pleasantly surprised. by the time i realized that these babies go with everything, i was ecstatic!! goes great with white, black, all kinds of blue, purple, brown and grey. i am pleased and proud of my purchase. this is going to be a great addition to my summer wardrobe. check it out for yourself!

btw, don't pick a pair that is too bright. i prefer buttercup yellow.

xoxo jenna pearle

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

fashion forward fella

im so jealous of men....when did they become so fashion forward?? lately, men have been able to really get creative and exude all kinds of style...and all in comfortable shoes. lucky bastards! im talking cute scarves, colorful and patterned shirts, tailored pants and jeans, fedoras, watches, earring(s). i've been admiring the y chromosome's transformation for a while. however, it really hit home when i subscribed my husband to GQ magazine. i think im loving that more than my elle subscription. 'look sharp, live smart' is their motto and they do a phenomenal job of portraying it on the pages.
some of the many handsome and well dressed gentlemen i've been keeping an eye on lately:

kanye west- i don't always agree with his choices but usually im on board. risk taker

common- well he wld look good in anything, of course, but doesn't rely on that. always well put together, stylish and masculine. dashing gentleman

President Obama- (he gets the capitals out of respect,lol) well fitted suits that don't offend the boring masses or the fashion rebels. although i'd like to help out with his sports wear, Pres. Obama usually does us proud. classically cool cat

honorable mentions: pharrell, milo ventimiglia, kobe (although i don't like him), beckham, depp

although i won't be going the annie lennox route, i did decide to steal some inspiration from the fellas:
1. beautiful ties with my cute button downs can make an outfit (try to avoid the avril look ;)

2. striped cloth belts...just got a brown/ tan one from $10 at h&m and a $5 blue/ red one from Gap.

3. snug blazers...always been a fan no matter what the season. try it!

4. scarves... enough has been said abt that already so...

xoxo jenna pearle

Monday, June 22, 2009

bad girls club- the rock edition

so i didn't buy rihanna's sudden 'good girl gone bad' image. and i'm still not convinced. however, even i must admit that i am enjoying her adventure in chic fashion. sometimes, she goes too far or too futuristic or too Prince. but what you will eventually learn about me (if you don't know already) is that i like people who take chances, especially when it comes to fashion. her rock n 'roll chic has been pretty on point lately. the tough but girly rock look has always been one of my faves. i encourage you to take a few steps into badgirldom by incorporating the following:

heavy black liner and nude or red lips

a studded belt (thin one preferably)

wife beaters (mens Hanes undershirts)

plenty of bangles (esp. silver ones)

skinny jeans (i like dark denim)

comfy but hot heels (some chucks, too)

and a classic f u attitude!!!
(rock godesses: gwen s., debbie h., kate moss, joan jett)

rock on xoxo jenna pearle

btw, the third pic above is fefe dobson, the original rihanna...

red, white and...khaki

i've always been a fan of the 3 color combo with my outfits. one variety that i love is the white top, khaki color pant with red accessories. example: cute white tee with khaki (preferably the darker kind) safari type pant that balloon at the knee with red peep toe heels and a thin red belt. try dangly gold earrings.
adds a lil pizazz to the humdrum and overdone Gap look.

xoxo jenna pearl