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Monday, June 22, 2009

bad girls club- the rock edition

so i didn't buy rihanna's sudden 'good girl gone bad' image. and i'm still not convinced. however, even i must admit that i am enjoying her adventure in chic fashion. sometimes, she goes too far or too futuristic or too Prince. but what you will eventually learn about me (if you don't know already) is that i like people who take chances, especially when it comes to fashion. her rock n 'roll chic has been pretty on point lately. the tough but girly rock look has always been one of my faves. i encourage you to take a few steps into badgirldom by incorporating the following:

heavy black liner and nude or red lips

a studded belt (thin one preferably)

wife beaters (mens Hanes undershirts)

plenty of bangles (esp. silver ones)

skinny jeans (i like dark denim)

comfy but hot heels (some chucks, too)

and a classic f u attitude!!!
(rock godesses: gwen s., debbie h., kate moss, joan jett)

rock on xoxo jenna pearle

btw, the third pic above is fefe dobson, the original rihanna...

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