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Sunday, February 28, 2010

carnival queen of the universe

do you remember wendy fitzwilliams? this was one of the MOST amazing miss universes the world has ever seen... smart, drop dead gorgeous and poised! plus, she's west indian, representing the wonderful trinidad and tobago. if i remember correctly, she was on track to become a doctor. i did not keep up with her after her reign was over but i was overjoyed to see her pop again. had to share a few images of this lovely woman with the rest of you. wendy fitzwilliams...look her up asap.
xoxo jenna pearle

good times

just got back from florida yesterday (now last week). what a fantastic three week experience! i even got to take in the beloved city of miami on valentine's day. fashionwise, i really can't complain. we (me and the hubby) found some great buys. scored a pair of the most delightful, feminine yet witty gloves. they remind me of michael jackson for some reason. got a great turquoise headband (you know the one with the 1920's feather attachment) and some gold, silver and black bangles. i was lucky enough to acquire some vintage looking eggplant heels. i think i already mentioned the navy blue faux bomber jacket from charlotte russe. while looking for places to see and things to do, we hit the jackpot when we found miromar lakes outlet mall! the hubby bought a beautiful Tommy Hilfiger coat in plaid red and black. the original price was $315 but he only paid 35 bucks. can you believe it?! talk about a great deal! i got two pairs of the cutest pumas at 20 dollars a pop and the warmest, coziest (did i mention cutest) slippers i've ever had at easy spirit. oh, can't forget about the versatile black boyfriend blazer at target. it was perfect for those not so warm days in the sunshine state.

needless to say, the trip based on wardrobe enhancement alone was an astounding success. this new york know it all loves her some florida...

(pics of the heels from tj maxx are coming soon...bought so much stuff, i had to ship some things. you know, luggage fees and all)

xoxo jenna pearle*

Thursday, February 25, 2010

plaid fad

plaid has been my friend for quite some time. there was my green plaid dress that i wore the first day of fifth grade with a new white tee and topsiders. of course, i donned quite a few pair in the nineties high school grunge/west coast rap days. to this day, plaid still has a special place in my heart as well as my chest of drawers. plaid adds great flavor to an outfit. a bit of snoop dogg edge, a bit of i don't give a damn tomboy, i bit of sweet sex appeal (think private school uniform a la spears). above are a few different ways to incorporate the plaid fad into your personal look.

ice cube (rocking plaid) and chris tucker from friday.

xoxo jenna pearle*

lesson number one...

the blonde bombshell!

marilyn monroe...the image at the top is my favorite. there is plenty to learn from this icon, one being that skinny is not the magic formula for beauty.
books are a girl's best friend, xo xo jenna pearle*

jilly from philly

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

something about marion...black n white edition

i think i may have neglected the "it don't matter if its black n white" feature lately. here is a beautiful photo of marion cotillard to make up for my bad behavior. enjoy!
jenna pearle*

tired of toning it down

pic courtesy of negritabonita.tumblr.com
xoxo jenna pearle*

reunited...and it feels so good!

my so-called life was MY show. here is a claire danes and jared leto at a recent event. so happy to see angela chase and jordan catalano reunited. i knew it would work out in the end!

jenna pearle*

Friday, February 19, 2010

yes, ms. jackson

i was really digging the sexy (but appropriate) elementary school teacher vibe janet jackson had going on in the late spring/fall of 09. it suited her well. here is one example of the many looks she gave us (above).

retro cheek

if you are a fan of vintage bathing suits like i am, you're in luck. you can get your hands on more like this at ladramaqueen on etsy. of course, there is always modcloth.com, too. isn't this image beautiful?! thought so!

jenna pearle*
pic courtesy of vain but honest on tumblr

the romantic mr. cullen

here is robert pattinson, aka edward cullen, on the cover of details magazine. i only have less than half a novel left of this series before i say goodbye to bella and edward for good (well, at least until the movies come out).

jenna pearle*

just for me outfits

i think this outfit is fantastic...laidback yet stylish outfits like this make me smile. its just a dressing for me type of ensemble, not a man, not the office, not judgemental women. JUST FOR ME!
me...jenna pearle*
pic courtesty of fyeahstreetstyle on tumblr

Presidential Meetings

talk about fresh dressed, ready to impress...president obama meets a little visitor. love it!
x0x0 jenna pearle*

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

chic street

LOVE her style! the side high bun is classic. and that jacket...everyone needs a jacket similar to this in their wardrobe. btw, just got a faux leather navy blue bomber jacket from charlotte rousse ($40) and it is hawt! i absolutely adore it.
jenna pearle*
(not sure where i found this pic but i'll let you know when i do)

that rihanna reign just won't let up

here is more rihanna doing what she does best, looking gorgeous!
(craving the cigarette skinny grey jeans)
xoxo jenna pearle*

my new BFF in my head

absolutely love this image! i want her to be my new bestie...pronto!

xoxo jenna pearle*

handsome devil, you

there is PLENTY i don't like about chris brown lately. of course, some of the reasons are obvious. i will never be able to truly look at him the same (not just for the incident, but also for his nonchalance and obnoxiousness afterward). one thing i can't deny is that he looks damn good in this tux! this cut fits his lean body like an old stylish glove. pure perfection (on the outside, anyway). good look, breezy. hope you're working on the inside as well.
with L-O-V-E (MJ style) jenna pearle*

Monday, February 15, 2010

no vacancy valentine's day

this is a valentine's day post. obviously, i'm late. but yesterday, i was too busy celebrating to post. had a great time and hope you did, too. in the lovey dovey spirit, i've decided to present you with a collage with a valentine's day theme. this collage celebrates all types of love (love of your soul mate, friends, family, and of course, self) and february 14th should do the same. no such thing as not having a valentine these days. i hope you enjoy the images and remember the passionate one that is jenna pearle hearts you.

valentine smooches jenna pearle*