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Sunday, October 25, 2009

nerdy nuance...michael cera edition!

michael cera edition...

nerds have certainly evolved over the years. no longer are they the unattractive, pimply face pocket protector geeks hiding behind broken glasses and books. just like all men fashionistos, nerds,too, have gotten a facelift. no longer do we have to look past their undesirable attire to get to the sweet, understanding, romantic men they truly are. they are now bonafide cuties and michael cera is one that has been on my radar lately. how adorable is he?! (see nick and norah's playlist, juno ect)
here is your guide to getting geeky with it.
* clothes that fit- nerds don't do baggy but don't get all urkel and show off your white socks, either.
* thats what Tee said...you will def need ironic, sarcastic colorful t-shirts that show off your best asset, wit.
* go polo...get yourself some striped, collared polo shirts, a nerd essential.
* cute cords... real mean wear pants, in corduroy material (slim fit).
* old school sneaks...nerds don't do jordans, they are all about simplicity and vintage.
so there you have it!
guys, go geek. ladies, show some appreciation for the boys who appreciate and love us the most: the nerd!
live long and prosper-xoxo jenna pearle

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