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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

spotlight: ms. melody and her jewels

i don't know if you've heard about melody ehsani but she has become a bit of a hero to me.  a woman who turned away from what was expected of her to pursue a passion is someone i feel the need to celebrate. leaving law school behind, melody chose to work on design and has become one of the hottest accessory designers in the business.  how do i know?  well, there is hardly an it girl celebrity that i can name that hasn't been seen rocking ehsani's cool designs.  cassie, ms. badu, rih rih, ms. minaj, kerri hilson, amber rose...i assume you get the point.

  melody's pieces are not for the wallflower type.  they are bold, fearless, colorful and expressive and usually have a feminist girl power message behind them. i'm sure you can see, whether her accessories fit your style or not, ms. melody should be applauded for her moxy and brave heart.  learn more about melody ehsani and her wares at her website.

 besos jenna pearle*
(pics courtesy of melodysblog.tumblr.com)


Anonymous said...

I really did miss you girl!!! i love your images always and i kept looking for a new feed from you.

Loved this piece it blew my mind, I did not know about ms. melody :)

glad you are back and busy!!

Anonymous said...

oh duh!! i know we're the 6th seed!!! LET'S GO KNICKS!

jenna pearle said...

awww! i'm so thrilled you enjoy. the images certainly inspire me (as does the feedback).

melody IS pretty fantastic!

Aquí said...

amazing photos and some wonderful jewelry! Congrats on making the links á la mode list :)