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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

amy's closet

hi guys!  i took a bit of a break but...the bitch is back!!!  that said, there are so many things i've been meaning to share with you.  first off, however, is the amy winehouse collection from amy and fred perry.  i've always thought ms. winehouse was a star when it came to choosing a signature look that best fit her brand.  how original, how retro (a paradox, i know)!  although the pieces i saw didn't meet my high expectations for a winehouse line, there were still great items to work with.  above are a few of the articles i liked most.  what do you guys think of it??  can't wait for more music from this soulful one.

besos jenna pearle*


Anonymous said...

friend, i was just going to email you. was wondering where you had gone.

love the knit. and i'm excited to see more from the line too :)

jenna pearle said...

hi!! thanks for missing me. i needed a bit of a break. even better news...the knicks in the playoffs. love that leather post, btw!