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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

they want to be on top- tyra's protege's

i've been having a hard time keeping up with tyra's america's next top model this season.  however, i must say that ms. banks has certainly been making some bankable models each and every season.  at the very least, she has brought some interesting faces to the forefront (especially for women of color) and for that i'm happy.  fatima (pictured at the bottom) is gorgeous and can be seen just about everywhere.   the beautiful bianca was a favorite of mine on the show (queens stand up!) and i get to see her every once in a while, too.  then there's mercedes (in the middle)!  i hadn't seen her in a while but judging from the pic she is just as beautiful as ever and i'm sure she's doing well.  there have been so many talented ladies, its hard to choose a favorite.  but those who i remember fondly include:aminat, jael, bree, jade, tocarra and eva the diva.  who has been your favorite contestant so far?

besos jenna pearle*

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