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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

what i'll be wearing this spring

so this is my spring inspiration.  these are the silhouettes i will be wearing.  for the most part, its loose and flowy.  a-line skirts, mid length as well as mini.  part sophisticated, part rock goddess but always alluring.  i'll also be further exploring the maxi dress and rompers.  shoe wise, i'm planning on some hot platforms, flats and moccasins (also considering the boat shoe).  so, that's my plan; what are you planning to wear this spring season???

besos jenna pearle*


Anonymous said...


where is that picture from!!! i want those jeans!!!

jenna pearle said...

i have no idea but i'll be searching for them.

Anonymous said...

aw yay!!- i'll be squirreling for them too :)