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Saturday, January 23, 2010

stripes and polka dots

i was getting dressed one average saturday afternoon, my black and white plaid coat, my army fatigue military cap, when i thought "OMG, i''m gonna clash!" then, i remembered: its 2010 and those rules don't neccessarily apply the way they use to. in fact, its become quite fashionable to mix and match patterns, colors and textures. really, there are no specific standards for pulling off this look. however, if you're a newbie, my advice would be to use colors that compliment each other (use the above pic for an example {lavender, purple, pink}). For instance, maybe you can attempt a red and white polka dot blouse with a mustard yellow plaid skirt. if you're not ready for such a risky step, start small with clashing accessories. So instead of the mustard yellow plaid skirt, try a yellow plaid scarf or tights(or headband a la Gossip Girl). another newbie suggestion would be to use different patterns in the same color (see arlenis sosa on bike below). Stripes and polka dots at once...why not? its all chic if its done on purpose and with some connecting factor. next, never underestimate the power of the belt. like the U.N, it somehow brings together things that don't belong seamlessly...and it reminds everyone of your girlish figure (even if you don't have one). last but not least, wear whatever you choose with confidence. i don't mean that in that cheesy cliche way magazines and parents often mean it. i'm telling you that if you wear something in a sassy, confident manner telling the world " i meant to do this and you should be doing it too" everyone else will believe it. as i mentioned before, there are no real rules and thats what im loving about fashion right now. so you have my permission to do as you please!

xoxo jenna pearle*

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