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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

queen bee dub, the ultimate gossip girl

"miss blair waldorf...something to talk about"

ahhh, blair waldorf... the ambitious and manipulative bitch you've gotta love. as far as i'm concerned, blair is the bee's knees on one of my favorite shows, gossip girl. queen bee reigns supreme while battling her devilish inner demons and her insecurities. blessed with the best (and most consistent) wardrobe, blair gets IT right every single time. her outfits most definitely speak to her character. and now that she's coupled up with chuck (a snazzy fashion icon in his own rite), blair has only gotten better. so jump on the waldorf wagon and be sure to tune in to see what crazy shenanigans b. dub finds herself in from week to week. i'll def be watching...
you know u love her, xo xo jenna p

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