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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

red, red whine

red lipstick...the most elusive make-up trick for a girl...especially one of a darker persuasion. lately, i've found myself really digging this look for two reasons. #1. its a timeless yet sexy look. #2. i'm a rebel and i don't like being told what i can and cannot wear. so, of course, i sauntered into MAC in search of the perfect shade for me. when i approached an available make-up diva and informed her of my quest, she gave me a look and sigh that said "for you (as in a mocha vixen such as myself)? not gonna happen." then she sent me to look at some extremely watered down shade (almost magenta). instead, after trying on a zillion shades of red on my wrist, i decided to be bold and choose the MAC Red. if it needed toning down, i had a few shades at home that could do the trick. so this summer, i am all about the jet black sharp eye and red lip. i may even attempt it during the day. how ya like me now?!!!
by the way, i was not able to find many pics of very dark women with the bold red lip at the time of this post. however, as soon as i do, i shall post evidence.
xoxo jenna pearle*

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