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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

smith n lesson

the smith family seemed quite obnoxious, in my opinion. cute but obnoxious. will was okay but thats where it ended. jada was just way too much. tre turned me off during an episode of america's next top model when he was a guest correspondent. i felt he was rude and disrespectful to individuals who were much older. willow? annoying...and there was jaden. what an obnoxious, precocious little self centered boy! later on, i watched the family on oprah and i've learned to appreciate a lot about this family. what impresses me most is that there is a philosophy behind the parenting. there is a family mission, an ultimate goal, that the smiths seem to be aiming for. will and jada (but especially will) were truly inspiring. they had many anecdotes, demonstrating their support and love. for instance, that haircut of willow's just screamed for attention. but after listening and giving it some consideration, i agreed with jada. it seems it was willow's idea to cut it like that and that is intriguing in a world where young girls and women tie their beauty to the length and beauty of their hair. perhaps willow is that confident and self-aware. either way, i doubt i would ever be interested in babysitting the smith clan. however, i have a much better understanding of their behavior and demeanor. above are some pics of them at the karate kid premiere. check the outfits, especially willow's. you can't tell them nothin'!
xoxo jenna pearle*