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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

dapper dad

happy father's day!!! okay, okay...i know i'm very late but i needed a break from posting. so, i ended up letting the day go unnoticed here at passionista place. its ironic since i accumalated all of these pics a long time ago and decided to wait until father's day to post them. anyhow, as i mentioned before, my parents are extremely stylish (and wonderful all across the board) people. when it comes to putting effort and time into an ensemble, despite being a manly man,my dad does NOT disappoint. he plans ahead, he plans in detail. i recall seeing the process firsthand...from the slow, old fashioned shaving ritual, to the shining of the shoes, to the laying out the clothes, all the way to the choosing the perfect cufflinks, watch and other accessories. so, although i've already celebrated with him, i'm giving him yet another shout out for such impeccable style.
btw, LOVE this delightful duo of lenny and zoe kravitz. they seem like they have a great relationship. of course, i adore lisa bonet as well but this awesome father-daughter team cannot be beat.
xoxo jenna pearle*

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