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Thursday, October 22, 2009

the frida frenzy!


i adore frida kahlo. i appreciate her art, her style, her spirit, her story. frida worked hard and loved harder. i can definitely relate. so today, i pay tribute and urge all of you to get in on my frida frenzy. without further ado, viva la mexico! and viva la mexicana!!
Directions on being as fierce as frida:

* be that senorita with a flower (or two) in her hair.
*true divas (smart divas, anyway) always have a scarf, shawl or pashmina. so did ms. k!
*be that vivrant thing you are and get colorful. reds, oranges, greens...oh my!
*give the pencils a rest. i'm talking skirts. go for something flowy. easy, breezy & beautiful.
ciao, lovelies!
besos, juanita perla

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