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Monday, October 19, 2009

don't u know i love u, sweet zadie...

ahh sweet zadie!
besides my passion for fashion, i also live for (cue snobby face/ voice) lit-er-a TURE! and one of my favorite authors and heroes is the gorgeous zadie smith. her books are FAB -u-lous and not in that cliche, chic-lit way. she is truly the real deal. zadie wrote the successful contemporary fiction novel, White Teeth by the age of 24. way to make me feel like a loser, zadie, but i forgive you. why?  simply because you are the best. but one thing that i discovered later on was her impeccable, laidback style.

let me put you on... the zadie essentials are as follows:
*geek chic glasses- you must nurture your nerd

*headwraps- embrace your cultural ancestry, or at the very least, someone else's

*jean jacket- we've already discussed, so you already know
*black turtlenecks- a wardrobe staple anyway, no matter what your style


i suggest you get in the chic zone with zadie smith...xoxo jenna pearle

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