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Friday, October 23, 2009

Top Coat

its beginning to look a lot like...well, winter! therefore, a gorgeous coat or three is going to be absolutely necessary. the winter coat is one of the most important items you will ever purchase. honestly, your well thought out outfits might as well be invisible when your breath becomes visible. all anyone sees is your top layer, also known as your top coat. in other words, your topcoat is practically the only article showcasing that unique personality of yours. please make sure your's is making the right impression.
here are a few guidelines to follow when selecting your permanent outfit for the winter.

*choose a flattering fit for your frame. you don't want to walk around looking frumpy all winter. def. confidence killer...

*think wisely about the color. you don't want to bore yourself for the entire season. however, please consider this coat must match most of your outfits and shoes.

*sweat the small stuff like the buttons, pocket placement
and lapels.
places to hunt for the perfect coat- victoria's secret catalog, burlington coat factory, tj maxx, banana republic, newport news ect.

happy hunting...xoxo jenna pearle

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