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Sunday, September 5, 2010

brooklyn gems

the one and only coney island

pics from bklyn flea

this weekend and last, i've been spending a lot of time in brooklyn. last saturday, the hubby and i ventured out to coney island. this was the first time i had seen it since the major renovations took place. i must say, i was impressed. the make-over was much needed. what really made us happy was the dance party happening on the boardwalk. i couldn't even to begin to describe what i saw. whatever took over, it was quite infectious from toddlers to great grandmas. the message seemed to be "we don't care what you think; we're having FUN!" the most amazing part had to be when that guy from antm (bobby the ninja? you know the one who teaches them how to pose) appeared and had a pose-off with another girl. how random (but phenomenal) is that?!!
the next day was michael jackson's birthday and brooklyn was in the mood to celebrate. i swear brooklyn is the most fashionable place ever...screw milan, paris and the ny fashion district. it gets no better than a outdoor event in bk. the love for mike was overwhelming, as was the crowd. the outfits and hairstyles, of course, were to die for. and the music...was comforting like home. spike lee (and al sharpton) hosted. snoop dogg and warren g made special surprise appearances and brooklyn enjoyed. what a beautiful day!
so yesterday i made a trip to fort greene, brooklyn to shop at the brooklyn flea. this is a hip and happening flea market with the most magnificent spread. fly dresses, funky (in the good way) pumps, unique jewelry, great books, delicious food...you name it (and if its cool), they got it. i copped a great blue blazer with red trim and a bottle top locket monogrammed with my 1st initial. there was so much more i wanted but i promised to not go over $20. both the GAP blazer and charm were ten bucks.
tomorrow, i'm off to the west indian parade (carnival). i know i'll have a great time + pictures to prove it. until then...

xoxo jenna pearle, brooklyn's finest!

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Tiara said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time! I would have loved to celebrate michael's birhday in the BK! they didnt do much of anything for him this year in LA...

thanks for visiting my blog!